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Catek OS1 (long) for sale; extra disc

Guest jeffro

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Hey folks,

Clearing out the gear closet, got a pair of Catek Olympic Series I (long) for sale. Used lovingly for two seasons. This is kind of a mutt collection -- it's missing a single M6x12 mounting screw, but there's an extra disc + elastomer ring. :D

Per the pictures, you get:

* Both (long) Catek Olympic Series 1 step-in bindings. These are in good shape. The top of the step-in heal piece has the expected wear-and-tear, but aside from this they are still very nice

* Manual, stickers, leash (joy!)

* The usual circa-OS1 hardware. Binding assembly: 4 short-tilt screws, 4 long-tilt screws, and 8 block-screws; for mounting the bindings to the plates: 2 spherical nuts, 4 spacers, 2 king pins; and a 4 & 6mm hex key. For mounting the plates to the board: 7 M6x12 mounting screws (note that you actually need 8 ... one went missing :angryfire so you will need to buy extras ... 8 cost $6)

* THREE mounting discs, each with its own elastomer ring; 2 silver ones and 1 bronze one. Note that there are grooves worn in to some of these at my angles (57 and 65 degrees) so be sure to cinch down the kingpen if you happen to ride the same angles. Not sure how I ended up with three.

I'm asking $125, and buyer pays shipping from 95062. Let me know your zip & postage method, and I'm happy to compute postage.

Thanks! Think snow!





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You can get the screws directly from Catek:


$6 for 8 screws.

I just noticed it says that these particular screws aren't compatible with "OS bindings sold before 2/15/03". I don't remember exactly when I bought these, so I've got an email into Catek to find out for sure whether these are the correct screws or not, and will follow up here when I know more.



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