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Sims Carve I 161cm


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I am selling a Sims Carve for a friend. He rode the board twice before moving back to softies. The board has lots of camber. Edges have a little rust and the base is dry (read: it needs a belt grind and edges sharpened).

I could not find any specs online. My measured specs are:

Length - 161cm

Nose - 25.1cm

Waist - 20cm

Tail - 24.9cm

SCR - ?

Camber - 1.4cm

My links to Nate's board calculator are not working, cannot load page, so I do not know what the SCR is.

$70 obo + shipping


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Could you tell me a bit more about the board, and how much shipping would be to Montreal, Canada


I added the measured specs to the original post. My friend purchased the board new, in plastic, about four years ago, it was ridden twice and has sat in his garage since. I am guessing the board is 8 or more years old. The board is clean (other than needing a grind and edges sharpened). There are not even any scratches on the topsheet.

I am guessing shipping would probably be around $25USD insured to Montreal. The international rate charts on the USPS website are not working.

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