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Beautiful shot.

I spent a year in Taos a while back and I still think about hiking in the mountains with my dog. It is so amazing to be in those big aspen groves blazing with fall color. When the breeze comes through, those bright yellow leaves fall from the trees, and spin to the ground all around you. That is a great area.

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Great shots R2C! Nice to see someone still has live trees. In our area, the beetle kill has pretty much wiped out everything and the aspen trees are being affected by some kind of fungi. We had a little color from the few remaining aspens and a few cotton woods down valley. The good part is we seem to have hit full throtle with winter weather. It's been snowing at a steady pace for several weeks and it's starting to create a base worthy of turns. Traveling home from the Rockies game yesterday (yes... a blatant name drop), I saw lots of tracks on Berthoud Pass.

Hope to ride with you at Monarch or SES this year R2C.

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We made a trip to Crested Butte this last weekend. Spent most of out time hiking and playing outside.

Here is a photo of Shelly and the kids taken Saturday on Copper Creek, just outside of Gothic. If it was not cloudy, you would be able to see the tips of the Maroon Bells in the background.


This photo was taken less than 30 seconds later


We tried going back into this area on Sunday but decided to turn around since the snow at this "lower" elevation (~9500') was 8" deep.

This is the top of Monarch Pass on Monday morning



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