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Got my T-board used and have not been the same...

Maybe to the purists this is not longboarding... but I am a longboarder and I say the tierney rides board is superior. I still ride my 4 wheelers constantly but it is because the t-board is too stable and safe for alot of hills that used to seem big. Plus my dog can't ride my t-board with me, but that is a different thread....

I am once again finding myself drawn to the strange toys that have superior engineering. The only comparison that works in my mind is this:

4 wheeled longboard = original burton

t-board = custom + TD2s

Been rolling with my friend on his luge mainly since I got my t-board because I'm wanting to run hills no one else will....

My current project is both sides of Loveland pass, which I started at the bottom and am about half way up both sides. Running into a problem with keeping a chase vehicle and of course there is no solution to uphill traffic. But my opportunities to run this are not frequent.

I'm also working on other notables in CO but don't want to put to much out. No one would believe me...

My current favorite is the road around Turquios lake (home of the full-pipe) cause of the density of hairpins...

But the standard in Leadville is to run Mt. Sherman the old mine road has a couple thousand feet of verticle and almost no traffic, but has big cracks making it nearly unridable to standard wheels.

Anyhow I just saw this new board on bomber and so...

too bad the seasons about to switch... snow today...

But I know a hill in new mexico that's still dry...

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johnasmo and I have been riding the T-boards. They are great on most all hills and take the smaller gravel pretty well too. I would highly advise getting the rubber wheels. They are very sticky and forgiving. It is fairly easy to keep your speed in check by carving small radius turns. They are also very stable letting it run, ie no speed wobbles.

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