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Super Rare board on ebay!!!!!


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I wanted that board bad. I had to "settle" for the 7 because the 6 was sold out. The pink tail was way radder and the nose was more functional. I'd give him $75 for it now and ride it once just to see what I missed.

heh - "one of the most geometrically complex..." - he's quoting my article:


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If he actually sells that, I might have to put up my M6 with Burton rat trap bindings!

Pfffft! M6's are a dime a dozen.

Oh, wait... So are PJ's.

Nevermind. :(

On another note:

Ebay net profits for fiscal year... 7.2 billion dollars.


because of morons like : dballipass( 0 )

Is the crazy net profit because of moron sellers, or moron buyers, who would actually buy a PJ for $900?

I heard a radio DJ talking about how "icky" garage sales were once. I wanted to call him and ask him if he'd ever heard of Ebay. Biggest effin' "icky" garage sale ever, with lots of "icky" sellers laughin' all the way to the bank.....


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here is the sellers reply to my email to him:

"Perhaps you don't know your boards as well as you think. Just because those closed listings say "Burton" and the word "Asym" does not make them even remotely the same. This board is a very rare board and there is nothing like it for sale anywhere else on the web. I dare you to actually try finding this exact board for sale. It's one of Burton's Pro Alpine Series Boards specifically for alpine downhill hardcore racing and not just downhill boarding. In case you don't know what alpine board means, it means the person who buys this board will live thru that avalanche unlike you Also, this is a PJ series Board unlike those in closed listings which you ignorantly tell me to look at. Burton only made Pro Series PJ Boards for about 3 yrs & it is speculated he chose to quit making them after he got so much negative feedback & complaints that the boards were TOO FAST!!! Perhaps you're not a harder carver after all as you OBVIOULSY need a history lesson on Alpine Boards and their truly hard carver owners. Try visiting: www.bomberonline.com/articles/brief_history.cfm if you don't believe me. "


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