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Dominator Wax Clinic at Whaleback

Chris Karol

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I wanted to pass this on for anyone in the area who can attend. I highly recommend for anyone interested in knowing what the state of the art is in making your board haul ass with a minimum amount of hassle.

IMO Dominator Tech = maximum speed/minimal hassle. Having known Thanos from travelling the World Cup circuit, I can say first-hand that he's a straight shooter who knows what he's talking about and won't bore you with useless information.

I'll be there and hope some of you can make it.

-C Karol

Whaleback Mountain and the Upper Valley Ski & Snowboard Association will be hosting a Wax Clinic by Dominator Wax on Sunday October 28th at 7 PM in the Whaleback Lodge.

Dr. Thanos Karydas, chemist and mastermind behind the DOMINATOR Wax Company, and Tom Reinerth US Distributor and Serviceman will hold a seminar focused on the latest advances in Ski and Snowboard wax technology.

DOMINATOR Waxes will be featured, however wax theory and application methods will help everyone to better understand, and better use, waxes from any wax company.

Learn about simple systems like the New MOMENTIUM no-iron Competition Waxes or the brain dead simplicity of the RaceZoom/Bullet System; and learn why, if you mix your own formulas, antistatic additives have become a more and more important component in the reduction of friction between the snow and the ski or snowboard base. At times, even more important than the fluoro additives.

The Whaleback Pub will open at 6 PM that evening with pizza and snacks available for the event.

Please feel free to forward this information to other members of your associations who might be interested in attending and contact Whaleback 603-448-1489 for further information or contact Dominator CEO Tom Reinerth directly at 801-791-7016.

Thank you

Ken Benner

Upper Valley Ski & Snowboard Association

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why did I think this was out west the first time I read it ?

Maybe organize a carpool up there.

I met Thanos once at the US Open and had a laminate good to use his "wax tent". I learned alot about high tech wax in 20 minutes, The guy is super tech. Best wax job ever.Definately worth the ride up.

Chris, you're living in Chelsea now ?

that's a long way from Aspen.

I used to live on the Everett border up by the Soldier's Home off Summit Ave, our street was great for skatin' :biggthump


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that's definately the place to be at the start of a race!

I moved back to Chelsea last May.

Can't wait to tear up some ice although my flag 168 got pummelled last season in Aspen. Box to rocks, first day of the season at Snowmass,

It was a freestyle board so I rode it like that the rest of the season. now

Dave at Black Dog Sports at the base of Killington is trying to save it for me. Hopefully I'll get to shred some pow on it again!

I Just posted about my camp on that video thread that should probably be moved to the race/coach discussions. I'll be back in Aspen for my clinic and for SES. I can't bring DD... sorry michelle, here's a pic to make up for it.. think of skunks when you look at this...

..maybe I'll bring some ice to SES.. :eplus2:

..not like Aspen needs any of that right? But I look forward to going back for a couple weeks though because you know it rocks.


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duh, Chelsea VT, my bad. :freak3:

maybe check out zero gravity before the wax clinic


zero gravity dog, pretty funny


I met dave manning late last season when Noah WOZ convinced me to check out the shop on the way out.

great guy, no BS about carving-just RIDE ! :biggthump

Dave is classic OG-

check out Black Dog for carving goodies-

chris, bring some Shredables stickas to Whaleback dood :freak3:




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Rick you should stay home :) , I need all the help that I can get to beat you this year.

What, beating me on the skateboard isn't enough? I've been using my mom's old candle stubs for snowboard racing wax the last few years anyway - figured I might go high-tech this season...and next summer I plan to stop using spit for bearing lube on my slalom skates, I'll get you yet! :freak3:

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looks like open invite to me, but you might want to call and confirm.

contact Whaleback 603-448-1489 for further information or contact Dominator CEO Tom Reinerth directly at 801-791-7016

I doubt they'd turn anybody away unless you're underage and trying to scam beer at the bar. Doesn't sound like that'll be a problem though Grey.

.. of course if you're to old and drink to much there's a bar so you should be covered either way!

There's room for everybody at the Whale!

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Do you want to show up early (2-3pm) and find a place to set up some cones and get in a practice slalom skateboard session? Let me know if you are intersted.

I haven't skated since Berlin, and kinda had put the boards away to let the body heal up and rest in prep for snow season...but...that sounds too good to resist. I can be there at 2. If the weather is good of course. Meet at the Whale base lodge?

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Hey I'm not sure if you guys have longboarded or slalomed at Whaleback or not but if anyone is interested, .. The road is pretty much perfect with fresh blacktop and skateable the whole way .. It is sweet! I've been making a point of dropping in there whenever I get the chance.

The longboard run is acoss the highway from Whaleback but the Whale is usually the best place to meet as there are usually people around .. with trucks to rally a shuttle crew.

The actual driveway to Whaleback is pretty much unskateable but Whaleback has a outdoor vert ramp and a mini at the base lodge... and paintball I should mention, not to mention a nice little bmx track.

I'll come early with my longboard and keep an eye out for you guys. I usually park over by the base of the lift and take it from there. The ramps at the base of the lift are good for a little warm up if you like tranny's.

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Michelle,... DD's going to check out ECES this year. She might be available to work the tent if you have one at Stowe. Looks like she'll be hanging out a Whaleback a little bit this winter too. I'd fly her out to SES but I don't think she'd make it through security.

RE: Tomorrow at Whaleback... I'll come by at 2 for a skate. The road I'm thinking of might be a little tight for setting up cones but its a great longboard run. You guys will have to make the call on where to set up cones.

If anyone has a slalom skate for me to try I've never actually run cones and would love to give it a go.

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Thank you to Dominator for putting on the clinic and to Chris Carol and Ken Brenner for hosting it. It was a very interesting clinic, I learned a lot. Thanos has a great deal of scientific and real world experience and did a great job of relating it to us lay-persons. Before the clinic, the Waterville Valley alpine snowboard team had a nice skateboard session; we skated some slalom cones for about 1.5hrs and then bombed a nice hill with perfect pavement. The bomb run was about a mile long with about 40mph potential. We did two shuttle runs on it and I estimate that I was hitting high 20’s to low 30’s but was still doing a few turns to moderate my speed. I even pumped the mini ramp for a while, what little freestyle skating skills I had may be gone forever but it was still fun. I listened to the Red Sox all the way home, way to go Sox WSC 2007! All in all a great day.

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