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GMAT this year


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Took the GMAT and bombed it, not the good way. I was closing down a business at the time and instead of rescheduling the test to concentrate on studying I took it anyway. What a waste.

Now I'm going for round two and trying to decide how to go about it. Has anyone taken Manhattan's GMAT prep? Any suggestions on other companies/classes/study.

There is no way that I'm going to bomb it again, but I want to give myself a real go this time.

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Hey RJ,

Don't let one low score get you down. I've seen lots of friends and students improve dramatically with a little work.

I taught GMAT and other assorted standardized test classes for one of the big companies, and most of my students improved their scores considerably from the entrance exam.

The best way to improve your score depends on your personality and learning style. If you're a self-directed student and learn well by reading, a few books (with lots of practice tests) might suffice. When I took the LSAT ages ago, I needed a class to keep me entertained and to hold me accountable.

The big test prep companies are all pretty different, although the study/test/study/test format is similar. Their online and marketing materials will likely give you an idea of their teaching style and philosophy. On the whole, they are all remarkably aware that you are paying for motivation - they do their best to make the classes as entertaining as possible. Sometimes you can attend an info session or event to meet teachers, see the offices, etc. Call your local centers to see what they offer for potential students.

Good luck on the test. You'll kick its butt next time!


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Thanks DT and Rebecca,

I sure hope so, I've never tested poorly before in my life, even hung over. Although unfortunately I can't use that excuse for my poor testing on this one. :mad:

I think I'm gonna go for the class. It always seems like if I have to sacrifice for something ($1400 class plus time/gas) I put more effort into it. Weird. I'd like to be one of those folks that can buckle down on my own, but I work with what I got.

Thanks for the encouragement.

Rebecca, totally impressed that you taught for Kaplan. I understand you have to seriously rock the test to get to teach test prep. No wonder you and Buell are taking the landscape design world by storm.

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