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Big White or Silverstar?

big canuck

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Heading to one of the 2 in Feb. Opinions? Looking for the more "carve friendly" (I'm a blue/green run kind a guy), probably go mid week assuming crowds will be lighter.

Did SS expand recently? I've looked at some older threads on the subject but just looking for a little more info.

Probably fly from Calgary to Kelowna

Went to Sun Peaks last year, had a blast lot's of places with good food and such. Lots of construction goin on. Thanks for any insight.


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Yes well , Big white dose have the very killer terrain..... however,

It can get very socked in with a pea soupish FOG that will not allow you to

see where you are riding!!! I think a local lake has somthing to do with the problem. I went to Silver Star and Panorama after a Long drive into the FOG.

plenty of fun at the other two though.

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Big White for sure. It has more wide cruisers than you can shake a stick at. Sun Run was one of the nicest carving runs I've ever experienced. Perfect pitch and wide. Plus, being difficult to get to (ie. gapers don't like t-bars), there were no crowds. I went up and down that thing all day until I cracked three ribs <G>.

Just don't take the wrong turn or you are on Cliff side and pooched unless you can do jump turns on an alpine board.

Also, there are some sweet cruisers on the Gem Lake side. You just keep going further and further right (facing down) until you get away from the crowds.

I've been there 3 times and only got the "Big White-out" once for a morning.

At Silver Star, there is a definite divide between the blue/green runs and the black diamonds. On the difficult side of the mountain, it's a bit too narrow for carving. That means you have to run the easier side which can get crowded up very quickly.

Also try Apex especially on weekends. Less crowded and very carve friendly.

Best of luck.

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I haven't been to Silverstar in decades and I know they've really improved, but I have to add my vote for Big White, it's a great hill with tons of terrain. They had an instructor on hardboots at one time years ago, no idea if he's still there.

Don't stay in Kelowna. One of the great things about Big White is that they have true ski-in, ski-out accommodations. We always stop in Kelowna to load up on groceries and booze (lots of good BC wines available), then drive up and park the car for the week.

All the condos are privately owned and then rented out through booking services. If you have a direct contact with an owner, that's best, otherwise use Owner Direct or some similar service. Don't book through Central Reservations, they charge the owners 40% or something which of course is passed on to you.

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I prefer Big White although, as was previously mentioned, fog can be an issue. Big White has a broad range of runs and terrain.

Silverstar has a lot of beginner and intermediate runs on the front-side which are good for carving if you are there mid week and it is not too busy. There are some more challenging runs on the back-side but many of them have an annoying traverse to get to them at the top and again at the bottom. Many of them are steep, narrow and bumpy, which is not ideal for hardboots.

It is not that far between the two hills, so you could get up early and try the other area out.

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Local boy here!!! Feb mid week is a sweet time to ride.

Don't be scared about the "Big White out issue",It may be cloudy alot but rarely run into problems where it's so thick your in trouble.If it does happen you can always bring along the fr deck and head for the trees beause you wont be disapointed with that either.

Lots to choose from in difficulty and type of terrain.

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