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New Burton Impact Shorts


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I noticed on the Burton website that they have the traditional impact short in black with all the modular pads, but they also have an impact short that looks like a pair of board shorts. Does anyone know anything about these boardshort impact shorts? like, do they provide the same coverage as the traditional ones. they look like they are maybe a little less bulky. Any info anyone has would be appreciated. I'm trying to decide between the two, and less bulky would be good. my curent pair are too big and unconmfortable. I'm looking at burton because i get proform from them, and saving money is good, even if it means buying burton :eplus2:

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I've been looking at buying the same shorts, and I came across a couple of posts in forums where people complained that they moved around a bit.

I think I'll go and try a set on and see what they're like. They're moisture wicking and stuff, so they'd probably be a bit more comfy than the lycra/spandex ones, but I wouldn't want to be crashing and have them spin around and disappear somewhere, knowwhatImean?

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