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A question about Head Stratos Pro


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Hey all!

Just got my Head's today, to replace my almost unused Dee's 325. The 325's were too big and yet too narrow for my hulky feet, so I've ordered my Stratos Pro's from Blue Tomato. Now I have them and I think they're perfect. I've read all about bootfiting and it all good. my foot length is about 26,3, My boots are Mondo 26.5 wich I understand is the same as 26 basicaly. I get absolutley no heel lift and they feel tight for now, so'll get those liners molded and that will be it. :biggthump

Ok, the question:

I'll be fitting intec heels on my boots. I've read on the carvers almanach, that the inserts arent good... That means I'll have to change them. I have the new spikey inserts. So, I just need some guidelines or instructions on how to do that. I dont want to ruin the boots...

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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it really is that simple

the stock inserts on head tend to spin. pop em out and use the spikey ones that came with the heels. They'll hold better

but, if your heel screws come out fine with no spinning, just use em without worry. they're plenty sufficient.

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The problem I had with mine was that the inserts were spinning inside the boot which prevented the intec screws from being tightened.

The solution was to thread a screw into the insert from inside the boot with a double nut on it then hold it with a socket to prevent it from spinning.

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