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new luge

Dr D

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I cut a sheet of birch ply into 6" strips and laminated them together with titebond III I then cut the basic shape of the spar out with the laminations running vertically. I routed sanded shaped ettc and then fiberglassed a sheet of triaxial carbon snowboard fabirc into the top (see stripes)

I inlayed aluminum plates for truck mounting and set it up with randalls

I have an aluminum sheet seat pan in progress with a piece of tubing to be both handles and calf rest.

screw in inserts in spar to mount seat pan and calf rest (see Pics)



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love to! I have been building long boards and luges all summer. I got run off my best hill with the fires. the talley lake road into marion is a 4 mile hill. 55 mph 3 inches off the chip seal is a wild ride:eplus2:

full leathers and a motorcycle helmet for sure. I wrecked it once earlier in the summer and lost a chunk of my ass so leathers were suddenly a priority:lol:

when are you guys riding?

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We've just been goofing off near my house in the evenings. Just getting started on the longboard thing, really. Timing is everything, I have a business trip to Montreal next week, but maybe the week after? I just got the shiny bits out of my shoulder this week, so I probably should lie low for few days anyway...


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sounds good! give me a day or two notice and I will buzz up after work. I just got into the longboard thing this yr as well. I hit some late night sessions in kalispell over the summer. I have a tierney but I find the darn thing next to impossible to stay on top of.:freak3:

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