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New England Skateboard Slalom Race 10-7-07


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New England Skateboard Slalom Race - Oct. 7 2007

Berlin, NH

New, returning, and merely curious skateboarders wanted!

This is a chance to race with some of the best slalom riders in the Northeast US and Canada - but at the same time it will be a very chill scene...only 14 racers signed up so far.

Info: http://www.gravitysportsinternational.com/berlinoct2007.htm

Signup: http://www.ncdsa.com/contest_registration.asp?ContestID=326#signup

Fall Foliage and Racing! Come on out and do it, learn it, or just see what it's all about!


More info from the race director - GSI's Tim Cayer:

We will be setting up the course at 7:00 am I hope to get registration open by 8:00. We hope to start practice by 9:00 am. Then go into qualifying before lunch. 2 Qualifying runs. Break for lunch around noon. Then racing can start around 1:00- 1:30. We hope to have time to run a clinic after the races. Of course everything depends on how many racers show. The less there are the more time for everything. I will also be looking to you for guidance where this is our first slalom race.

I believe I will have many young skaters who want to see what this slalom stuff is all about. They are street and park skaters who have never seen slalom. I am hoping we can get a few involved to start building a local scene. I have at least one who I am sponsoring and he will be there looking for someone to give him a few pointers.

The weather forecast is looking promising with temps in the 70’s and partly sunny. The city is really looking forward to seeing exactly what this is all about. Remember this is on their main street. And in a city where not a whole lot happens. So I expect you will be the talk of the city and on their front page Monday morning.

Also, there is a great event happening the day before for anyone who plans to come up early. It is called River Fire (hence the name of our event) and it is a great local event with the best part being the lighting of the boom piers on the river Saturday night.

Links to more info about that event




Places to stay


I want to thank everyone in advance who plans to make the drive up for this. It means a lot to me, and the community. GSI has made the investment into slalom and our hope is that this will only be the start of many more slalom races we would like to bring to you. Not just here I Berlin.

So take a peek at the trophy. http://www.gravitysportsinternational.com/slam-jam-trophy.gif

And I look forward to seeing all your smiley faces Sunday Sunday Sunday!!



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way to go Rick !

World Championships of Slalom, 2007

Final Results

Giant Slalom: Open Division

Place Name Best Time

1 Martin Reaves 22.8526

2 Zak Maytum 23.1722

3 Brad Jackman 23.3002

4 Joe McLaren 23.3080

5 Miguel Marco 23.6082

6 mike duquette 23.8841

7 Karl Floitgraf 24.0201

8 John Stryker 24.0398

9 Marty Schaub 24.0521

10 James West 24.1801

11 Marcus Rietema 24.2201

12 Mike Ohm 24.2764

13 David Bevis 24.4546

14 Brian Parsons 24.4639

15 Kevin Dunne 24.4680

16 Shannon St. Clair 24.4721

17 Louis Ricard 24.4801

18 Michael Reiss 24.5999

19 Ricky Byrd 24.6200

20 Peter Klock 24.7034

21 SKIP 24.7040

22 Chris Miller 24.8919

23 Justin Collins 24.9639

24 Wax 24.9999

25 Mark Harris 25.1959

26 Rick Floyd 25.2240

are there pics etc ????

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Berlin was fun, very mellow, 15-18mph hill, nice start ramps and a great lunch provided by the race promoter. There were two courses, a 50 plus cone hybrid and a 70 plus cone straight slalom. There also was a clinic for the local kids, (thanks Rick for helping with that). Did I mention the weather was perfect and the fall colors were amazing? Gleb sooner or later you will come over to the dark side of slalom and the longer you wait the older you will be. Give me a call if you want to give it a try.

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so how was it?

looks like a winnah !

CMC on top


Hybrid Class

Class A

1st Curt Debartolo

2nd Pierre Gravel

3rd Pascal Jean

4th Glenn Chapman

5th Rick Floyd

6th Eric Brammer

7th Raylene Hill

Class B

1st Millie Chapman

2nd Meredyth Klotz

3rd Sophia Klotz

4th Andrew Burke

Tight Slalom

Class A

1st Pierre Gravel

2nd Pascal Jean

3rd Glenn Chapman

4th Curt Debartolo

5th Raylene Hill

6th Eric Brammer

7th Rick Floyd

rick, how much did the preschooler beat you by ?

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Gleb sooner or later you will come over to the dark side of slalom and the longer you wait the older you will be. Give me a call if you want to give it a try.

oh i know i'll be trying it out for sure. I just loosened my trucks on my dervish and I'm loving the fast turns, even though its hard to hold it steady at a higher speed. no one said you can't do it all, and thats exactly what I want be able to do. Let me know when you guys have a slalom session planned.

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Gleb, Willy, and other NE potential slalom racers...the season here is basically over. The best way to get into this is like Nike says "just do it". Go to a race. Doesn't matter if you can't even make three cones - there is always plenty of coaching available...from board setups to riding technique and more. Don't be shy! There was kid named Andrew in Berlin who couldn't even make three cones at the start of the day and by the nd of the day had a full run through the TS with only TWO downed cones! At my first race (in 22 years) in Needham in May I stunk but had a blast - and by September was racing in the Worlds! This is the most helpful group of people on race day you will find in any sport.

I got all my race and/or training date/location info from three main sources:


www.slalomskateboarder.com (esp. the New England forum)


I have two Tracker RTS 106mm trucks for sale right now if anyone wants them. They are in excellent cond. (two months use) with brand new pivot cups and brand new Tracker black hourglass/cone bshing sets. $33 for both or $17 each plus shipping. These are a good "starter" rear slalom/GS truck.


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awesome, rick. it was Gilmour that got me back into TS after a trip to Da Farm and sessions in newton/wellesley running cones.

I almost bailed on skating sunday-100 miles to CT. Gleb got me back on track. the kid has the "just go for it" attitude and learns really quick. Wicked fun riding his dervish at speed, scarey fun.Now I gotta get one.

Looking forward to stepping up the speed runs,cones and cross training for alpine.I'll prob email ya about the trackers, I wanna set up a decent slalom board. Can't believe my 60" pintail went missing.Time to get a quiver together anyway.

Doin' it all really is what it's all about.

stoke for the upcoming season

Gleb is skitchin' off the back, camo shorts-gecko is in there, blue helmet-willy holding up da big stick :biggthump


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Slalom is a lot of fun thats for sure and very self satisfying. I always travel with at least a GS/pumper board and my cheap Walmart soccer cones because a slalom course is so simple to set up. Lately I've had the jones for speed which has been partially fixxed by Andrew K's creation but I still like to find an empty space and set up a Hybrid Slalom to pump through. Gleb...there are two schools of thought for building a Slalom board one is to go to someone like Sk8kings and have Richie build you a complete board, two is to build one yourself using knowledge gained from attending races and sessions. I chose the latter though it took me a while to get it right. Willy, Miguel Marco is a big man and he makes slalom boards for bigger guys, I personally like my Slalom board stiff. BTW Quivers are good I'm at 8 boards right now and am in discussions with my builder for #9 which could end up being spectacular.


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I'm saving up the rest of my money for my titanal board, hopefully coming in time for winter break. So a purchase of another board is doubtful till spring. I know that in all friendly competitive sports, people are always willing to help, and that has never been a worry for me.

The guys at wheelabrator were super friendly and told me all I needed to know, and they still managed to keep a friendly competitive atmosphere.

Willy, any sign of your board =\ Glad you were able to make it. You gotta try the dh next time. Its like standing on a board and all of the sudden its windy. Its so stable you don't feel the speed at all.

I'm a huge fan of having a quiver. In just 2 years of snowboarding I already have 6 boards...7th on the way. 2 will be loaned to friends i'm getting into alpine. None are really worth selling.

I'll probably contact sk8tkings to make me one, because I rather start learning on something thats right, right off the bat. They're pricey though. I'll be getting a fat tax return for the spring, and i'm almost all set with my gear for kiteboarding for next summer, so I should be able to swing it.


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nah, no board yet. still praying to the skate gods :rolleyes:

That was a great session sunday. The downhill 40 mph tuck speed scares the crap outa me, tho. I've slammed the pavement really hard many times before and these old bones aren't what they used to be. Only to be 20 again.Call me a big pussy but 25-30 mph and turning is fine for me.

THAT being said, I think we're gonna skate around Boston this weekend (unless it gets windy enuf to kite)Hope to run cones with GlennC and check out the park in Newburyport.

I still love that feeling when your t shirt starts flapping at speed. That last turn on the bike path on your Dervish is etched in my brain.Wish I was goofy so it'd be toeside instead of heelside but still a wicked rush.

check out the NewbPort park- looks legit

how ya like the new avatar ? :eplus2:FIRE it UP !



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Where could it have gone...wtf!

sick avatar. that bon fire pretty much burned the hair off my arm in that pic.

I had no clue Newburyport had a park like that. Its 30 min from my parents' place, but it turns out I'm working all hours of daylight this weekend. Need $$$.

get some pics and let me know how it goes.

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^ Dave Pirnack

One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet on the Slalom Scene. Not to mention hella fast. I owe this guy a lot for coaching me to the Podium at my first Farm.

Wavechaser ='s Rick Floyd????

If the above is true then I'm bringing a bag of dirt flavoured Jelly Beans to the Farm for ya next year Rick ;)


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Wavechaser ='s Rick Floyd????

If the above is true then I'm bringing a bag of dirt flavoured Jelly Beans to the Farm for ya next year Rick ;)


As long as they're not the Canadian yellow snow beans...and no snowballing.

More Pirnack from the Worlds TS in Statesville...


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You do mean Oyster balling don't you?

Amazing how the communities cross pollinate. Good to run into you in the virtual world bro. Good times at the Farm this year, glad you were part of it.


I hope neither of those references are what I think they are.....ewwwww :barf:

sounds as sick & twisted as lil jimmy's new hbo special...cringe comedy....


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