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Fenceless pet systems & property line


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Anybody know about these 'fenceless' systems for keeping dogs in their owner's yard? My new neighbor just had one put in and it seems he had it installed 8 feet on my side of the property line!

I've lived here for 14 yrs and just a few months ago the property to my south sold. The owner of almost 40 yrs could no longer keep up with the yardwork and house. Enter the new neighbor, a firefighter from Arizona who has health issues, is seeking full disability, and needs a climate like Iowa's to allow him to breath.

For 14 yrs my previous neighbor and I understood where the property line was. Certain flowerbeds, bushes, iron stakes, fencposts, etc. were our reference points. My previous neighbor was slightly grumpy and somewhat territorial and he made certain I knew where HIS line was. OK, fine. No big deal. This morning I see all these little flags in the yard and so I check it out. Hmmmm... the cable trench in the ground is 8 feet my side of the iron corner stake my previous neighbor kept highly visible...

The humorous thing of this is that my new neighbor posted a bunch of no trespassing, no hunting signs and then (in my INITIAL, UNRESEARCHED perspective) comissions a trespass on ME.

Now the part that kind of bothers me. The trench is laid close to 4 very nice, mature apple trees. The root circles are probably 30+ ft in diameter and the trench is within 5 feet of the trunks. Will this trench harm or kill my trees? I suspect not, but it bothers me that Mike (my new neighbor) said nothing of this the last time we talked about a week ago.

And so, the next time I have a chance to talk with Mike I'll need to (diplomatically) discuss his thoughts and plans. The LOCATION of the wire for the fenceless system is really no skin off my nose. In fact, I much prefer his fenceless choice to a fence because it keeps the entire area much more attractive. Our yards all flow together and it appears to be a park. I just want to avoid any misunderstandings if Mike has any substantial plans for permanent things that might have a negative impact on me.

Anyone have any experiance with this kind of thing?


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in some states if you let people lay wire or build structures on your land if there is a malfunction and someone gets hurt you have to pay for it in court, even if you did not know it was there.

like squatters building cabins and lean toos on people's farms and then the state goes and prosecutes the farmer for having housing that is not up to code but the poor farmer did not even know they were there.

so I'd say ask your lawyer and see how much responsability you assume by letting the guy put the trench on your land.

your trees might be fine but if the roots got trashed they are now open to picking up infections and you'd not likeley see the symptoms of that for one to about five years

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Wow, that sucks.

Sounds like a survey or a trip to the records office in your area might be in order so you can locate the official property line.

Have you met the dog(s)? Many dogs can be extremely rough on the landscape by destroying plants, digging holes, and making muddy areas. Dogs can also be aggressive and territorial. Hopefully these are not the cases.

The wires of the shock collar pet control systems are usually quite shallow. I do not expect the apple trees to suffer any damage.

Best of luck.

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the wires are laid relatively near the surface.. hopefuly they didnt do too much damage to your trees.

you could always do some plantings in your yard, claiming you didnt realize you'd cut his wire(which, btw, was on your property.. you didnt think he'd have it put there).. depending on how vengeful you might be.:eplus2:

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Agred, you'll probably find that they're only buried an inch or 2 down. The wires are tiny thin things, you might have to be careful if you're digging around the trees and the flower beds as you'll cut right through it without trying.

The thing I thought of was that he was probably trying to maximise his yard for the dog. There is a dial setting on them that allows you to set the depth of the "perimeter" (where the dog will first hear the warning beeps) from 4 feet to about 8 feet. So if he has it set at the minimum 4 feet and the wire is buried 4 feet past the property line, then the dog will be able to go right to the edge of his yard before it gets a belt between the ears.

I know when I installed my one here, the effective yard, even with the minimum perimeter on, becomes really small.

He should have checked with you first for sure before he buried stuff on yout property, but have a talk to him and see if that's the reason.

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love it when people do stuff without asking first!

on the shock collars...I just had a flash of an image of setting those boundaries REAL close together...and seeing the dog react.

I LOVE dogs...just have a sick mind sometimes. would be like that cat in the cat washer vid somenoe posted a while back.

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You are too easy going my friend. Somebody starts digging up my yard without asking and they would hear about it.

The city was doing some survey crap the other day and spray painted up in my driveway a couple of orange xs and that torqued me off. :eek:

Maybe the meds are wearing off, but I would just rip the stuff out and throw it on his lawn. I don't care if he is all banged up from being a firefighter or what ever.

Mine = stay the **** off.

Yours = do whatever the hell you want.

Isn't America a great country. :1luvu:

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depending on how vengeful you might be.:eplus2:
maybe you recall my 'chainsaw' thread in which I was looking for someone around Big Sky who might let me borrow a chainsaw. A member of my ski club had run me down at Squaw Valley the season before. If he screwed with me at Big Sky I was going to chop up his skis when he was at lunch. :eek:
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Not sure if the wires are too big of a deal but a "review" of the property line would probably be in order.

If I had mistakenly put wires on your property I'd be like "holy crap, I'm an idiot, let me move those right away" and you'd be like "Well, at least he's trying to be a good neighbor"

On the other hand, if he doesn't say anything or is like "so what?" then you'll know that this might be just the first of many problems with the guy.

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I talked to my neighbor Mike later Sunday evening. As it turns out... he had read my comments about not being too hard-nosed about the boundary as "Brad won't mind if I do this, so I won't bother asking him"

What was said was that I didn't mind if they picked my apples or their dogs wandered over a bit now and then. I also wouldn't squawk about mowing "over the line" like the old neighbor did once. This is quite different from putting a permanent installation 8 ft into my yard!

Anyway... Mike apologized for not asking first and quickly offered to have the wire moved to the property line. He was trying to maximize the room for his three dogs (all very well mannered and friendly)

I told him it was OK where it was, but that I was initially very concerned that perhaps he had mistakenly thought that he was on his property. I also (I hope gently) let him know it wasn't too cool to put stuff on a neighbor's place without permission.

The bottom line for me here is that I need to be absolutely certain in what I say to these people and be aware that they may not 'get it'. The potential also exists that he is one way to my face but completely malicious in nature. I really hope not... I'd have to chop up his Harley with my chainsaw.:rolleyes:

The point about liability is well taken. My neighbor to the north has a small herd of sheep, and every few years dogs come around and kill a few. It would be a shame if the fenceless thing didn't keep the dogs to my south in Mike's yard, they killed Duane's sheep and Duane sued ME!:eek:

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It would be a shame if the fenceless thing didn't keep the dogs to my south in Mike's yard, they killed Duane's sheep and Duane sued ME!:eek:

Just the same, I'd love to see the face on the judge if you got sued for killing sheep on your neighbors property for planting a couple flowers in your side lawn :confused:

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