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boston skateshops


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I found one right next to my house but they are very limited with their selection, and knowledge of longboards. I searched online and came up with shops in the boston area, but nothing noteworthy in boston within a skating distance away.

any clues? Willy?

you found beacon hill skates ?

take the orange line out here and check out


he's got longboard goodies

and you can skate to it :biggthump

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:smashfrea other than a few shops in Socal you aren't likely to find any skateshops who have a good selection of longboards...best bet is to research online, attend skate sessions that have lots of people (such as Wheelabrator, Antrim, etc) check out everyones boards and then order online from someplace like Daddies, Sk8kings or my favorite Mile High Skates.
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Bola's point is that there are shops that stock plenty, Here in the SLC area i can go buy all sorts of longboard gear locally. Just because the local shops in your area blow doesn't mean they suck everwhere.

Plus so many alpine retailers stock long boards for cross over training, Bummer your mentioning skate shops when you could support several online alpine snowboard shops with yout longboard purchases........

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word, what Bordy said.....

not all skateshops only stock rock hard wheels and Bam's newest deck.

check out :


looks like they've got plenny o' longboard stuff.

agree with Gecko, check out some events but support your local shop when you can :biggthump

concrete wave is a great zine, btw

got a copy at the Boarding House in Hyannis last month

skating is way more than wax on a curb and kickflips



they have plenny longboards

my old buddy Hoyt opened a shop in dartmouth, ma


Hoyt's a great guy, lived with him outside Vail years ago in Gypsum(next to JoelP)

Water Bros in Newport is a real skate shop, to.




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Thanks for all that info. I'll be looking into those shops. Bola, I wish you were right near me. Your shop looks packed!

Bummer your mentioning skate shops when you could support several online alpine snowboard shops with yout longboard purchases........

For any larger purchase, I will always support a shop that stocks alpine stuff. I waited quite a while for Bomber to get the Dervish so I could order it from than instead of some other online non-alpine shop.

For small things like bushings and even cheaper longboard wheels, I'd rather go to a skateshop so I won't have to pay shipping charges. Don't worry, my support will mainly go toward alpine :biggthump

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Well I have "A Local Shop" 7ply and it doesn't suck but his market is Surfer's, Kickflippers and Tourists. Tourists and surfer's are who noramlly buy his longboards so he stocks what they will buy (he also contributes to the the local skatepark improvement fund). I buy what I can from him but that usually consists bearings, Abec wheels, Khiro Bushings, and the occasional set of Indy trucks. I also buy park wheels from him but boards are a separate issue, I've not found a board that "fit" me locally with out having to have it built (thanks Andrew) because like it or not the Longboard world is still essentially cruising boards around here. Which isn't to say that other forms of longboarding don't flurish, there are 3 guys here in town in addition to me who slalom, a number of downhillers and a bunch of old guys (like me) who skate the local parks on bigger boards. My current quiver has 8 boards, 2 are customs, 1 is a blank, 2 Gravity's, a Coldwar, a Fullbag and an oversized Natural Koncepts kickflipper (I actually have 3 NK's and rotate them for skating curbs), only the customs were sourced locally. Now compared to Socal where it isn't unheard of to find a half dozen longboard specific and or full service skateshops and within a local area and well we here are the poor east coast cousins.

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don't kids wanna skate VERT anymore ?


local outfit here in Boston

good session sunday down Bussey Hill.

awesome weather

missed gleb due to excess study time :cool:

great hill






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