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2 Donek Olympics

Mike T

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Time for a little quiver thinning.

2005-2006 Freecarve I 175 Olympic - SOLD!

This deck has about 25 or 30 days on it. It had a PTC tune (3 side, 1 base, Striped Bass grind) in the summer of 2006. Maybe 12 days on it since then, mostly half-days. Base and edges are in great shape. Topsheet has a couple of small nicks and binding marks. This board IMHO rides better than new, due to the edge tune.

2006-2007 Tucker GS 04 180 Olympic - SOLD!

This deck has 12 - 15 days on it. It has a Race Place (Home of The Beast tuning supplies) tune on it towards the end of last season - only two riding days after the tune. Edges are 3 side, 1 base and it has a moderate structure. It's in even better condition than the 175. IMHO rides better than new due to the edge tune.

I weight about 190 and ride pretty aggressively. The 175 could be thoroughly enjoyed by someone lighter than me - say down to 160 pounds - while the 180 is probably better for someone my size or bigger.

Both decks have not been used since the photos were taken but I did apply a summer storage/travel coat of wax to them after snapping the photos. I have full-res photos if anyone wants to see them, please contact me via email. These boards are both in great shape, you won't be disappointed.

Free shipping if you take 'em both!






Specs 175:


Specs 180:


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I've lowered the price on each deck by $100...

The 175 is now $475 + shipping and the 180 is now $525 + shipping. The original post has been edited to show the new prices.

If you are looking for a high performance ride but don't want or can't afford a new metal deck, these decks might be for you. In the interest of full disclosure, Bob Dea is correct and I have caught the metal bug, which is why these two are for sale.

Again, *both* of these decks will ride "better than new" since they've had high-end base grinds and edge tunes, and the only dings are minor and 100% cosmetic.

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The 180 is sold and on its way to Long Island.

The 175 is still up for grabs, $475 plus shipping. It's a great deck that's both forgiving and fun at the same time, and a new one would set you back $880 plus shipping. And mine has a PTC tune - you know you want it :biggthump

I'll be away from tomorrow afternoon thur Friday afternoon. If interest, please email me at mt@tovino.com, first come - first served.

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