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Rally America at Steamboat


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Rally America was just in Steamboat, CO this weekend. So made it a short day at Bomber and headed on out!

Great Racing and very cool to be able to hang in the pits and see all the cars and racers. Love to see all that hardware being put through the paces. I think Bomber needs to make Subaru parts. Hmmm, yea.

Enjoy the pictures.




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Fin, what is the car that you labeled "low budget" ? It looks like old school, it appears to be a Mazda RX-3?? I haven't seen one is so long I forgot what the taillights look like.

I do like the 8 spoke Empi wheels on that thing, I had those same wheels on my 72 Datsun 510. That was one sweet ride also. Especially when you pull the 1.6 liter SOHC and drop in a 2.0 liter with dual sidedraft Webers and a 5 speed from a wrecked Datsun 2000 convertible. I had mine set up for SCCA racing, so it was nice and low, wouldn't do to well in the rally circuit.

I am envious of you getting to go see that, I think rally drivers are by far the most skilled drivers in the auto racing scene.

It's a tragedy to lose Colin McRae, along with his young son and the other occupants of the helicopter. My heart goes out to the McRae family and all others that were affected by this tragedy. The rest of the rally community is going to hold a rally that was previously scheduled in honor of McRae's passing.

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Rally is freakin awesome. I'm used to seeing it in the middle of the woods, so it's hard to see them coming, not like your second and third pics.

I'm part of a small production "company" that goes out and films rallies and other motorsports. We're pretty local, so we only really cover the LSPR in Houghton, MI and Sno-drift in Atlanta, MI. We're hoping to get a little coverage of the Rally in the 100 Acre Woods in Salem, MO, but we'll see how that goes. I would so love to be able to fly to all these places and get coverage of all of them. Dayjob won't allow it unfortunately...

Check out www.darkponyproductions.com

Those are pretty good pics Fin. I'd like to see more if you have them.

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Oldvolvosrule: I believe it was a Mazda "Colt". And that particular one has been racing for generations, it just keeps getting handed down.

Losing Colin McRae was horrible and was a big topic at the event. And for him to lose his son and friends in that accident was even worse. Several article on the web if you do a search.


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