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Coiler for sale! RC II 180


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Built for me at 250 lbs, only been on snow a few times so it's like new

fast base, standard construction and has a rounded tail because I like them that way for durability and riding switch.

I'll post pic here when I get a chance

it has a 19 cm waist and the specs are the same as the standard RCII 180 other than the round tail.

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I am 225lbs and aggressive. I am on a Coiler 184 PR GS and love it but i do need some real estate to let it out.

Our hills in Ontario can be like a LA freeway. Some boarder-dufus rendered me unconsious last year as he "skidded" straight down the hill and hit the back of my head with his hip while I was in the middle of a turn. Yes, I was wearing a helmut.

Will this board allow me to run better in traffic by makinng tighter turns at slower speeds?

If so you have a deal.

Please send me your PayPal id and I'll send the money.

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nope, it's on it's way to the great white north!

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