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Don't tase me, bro


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LOL!!! :lol:

what i heard is that after the cameras were out of there, he was just calmly talking to them saying things like "I know you guys are just doing your jobs and all..." He was out to get attention like that kid in UCLA I think. Then when the cameras came back on him, he started flipping out again. Drama queen is what I'm thinking.

Should they have taken him off the mic initially? Of course. This wasn't an open forum for conversation, it was a Q&A. The cops were going to escort him out, not arrest him. He was then resisting them, which puts them into a position to arrest him. Should they have tasered him? Absolutly, because he was fighting back. If they fought back with fists, that would be brutality.

They were totally in line I believe.

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you know it man! I am not a fan of the cops though. I am a fan of monty python. I just hate drama queens. Like I really, really hate drama queens. They keep knocking on our doors to make the 90+ ppl in my house leave but we got no doorbell and the music is too load. I guess we can't see the flashing lights either =P

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so you should not be allowed to ask any question you want?

and cops should just be able to detain you for asking a valid question?

Yes, it was a rediculous question but still.

Gleb, you ARE russian, and the old school type!

the bottom line is the kid went off the script and asked a question that was clearly was not one that was liked by the cops so they took the kid out because you only have the right to free speech in this country if you say what's pre-approved. Fidel, Adolf, Saddam and Mao all feel the same way.

the whole thing here that really bug me and I really hate that I agree with that douche tucker carlson but it really shows how much of a weakling John Kerry is not only from his reaction at the time but also his statement after this all happened.

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where's Kerry's statement?

Gleb...you're a kid...it amazes me that you'd support this sort of thing.

"guy was out of line so they detained him. he resisted so they tasered him."

next step is "someone protested so they clubbed that person. more people protested and shots were fired."

look up Kent State, or any number of situations where people were maimed or killed for simply standing up.


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Didn't hear about the woman in the wheel chair. That sucks. You hear all that crap about non-lethal force.

Did you see the woman being tased and the cop was trying to force her to walk to his car while being tased. One shot she clearly hits her head hard on the hood of the car and he keeps f^cking taseing her. Bastids.

The kid at the Kerry deal deserved what he got though. If you are going to be a sh!t stirrer you are going to get some splashed on you. When the rent a cops showed up would be the right time respectfully state your disapproval at being edited and walk away. The ones who lose now are the cops and the University over a publicity stunt.

The forum was a q and a and he disrespected the forum??????

Kerry lives up here part-time, and I think he has some valid points about a few things. And I am definitely not voting the other side of the aisle but I just can't imagine him running the country. Say what you want about shrub but at least he has never been accused of knee jerk reaction to polls etc.

Good god did I just say that. I must be ill. Isn't there a better choice than Republican or Dem??????? Fricking politics anyway.

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it sounded like the kid had some good points to get across but his delivery was clearly that of a ranting lunatic.My mom used to say that no matter how valid your position is, it's useless if you yell and pound your fist on the table.

No easy answers.

Seems like authority and security are in full paranoid mode these days.

When an MIT chick from Maui puts a circuit board on her chest wired to a battery and has play doh or silly putty in her hands should airport security threaten to use deadly force ?

A little lunatic ranting could've got her shot and killed yesterday.

Was she trying to make a point ? who knows ?

"She was immediately told to stop, to raise her hands, and not make any movement so we could observe all her movements to see if she was trying to trip any type of device," Pare said at a press conference at Logan. "There was obviously a concern that had she not followed the protocol ... we may have used deadly force."

Simpson was arrested, and it was quickly determined that the device was harmless.

"She said it was a piece of art and she wanted to stand out on career day," Pare said. "She was holding what was later found to be playdough."

Affixed to the front of her black sweatshirt was a pale beige circuit board with green LED lights and wires running to a 9-volt battery. Written on the back of the sweatshirt in what appeared to be gold magic marker was the phrase "socket to me" and below that was written "Course VI," which refers to the electrical engineering and computer science program at MIT.

Simpson was charged with possessing a hoax device and was arraigned today East Boston Municipal Court. She was held on $750 cash bail and ordered to return to court Oct. 29.

"Thankfully because she followed our instructions, she ended up in our cell instead of a morgue," Pare said. "Again, this is a serious offense ... I’m shocked and appalled that somebody would wear this type of device to an airport."

According to the MIT website, Simpson is from Kihei, Hawaii, and is a sprinter on the school's swim team. On Simpson's personal website at MIT, she says she is studying computers and enjoys tinkering in a student-run machine shop.

"In a sentence, I'm an inventor, artist, engineer, and student, I love to build things and I love crazy ideas," the website says.


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it sounded like the kid had some good points to get across but his delivery was clearly that of a ranting lunatic.My mom used to say that no matter how valid your position is, it's useless if you yell and pound your fist on the table.

No easy answers.

Could not have said it better myself. I'm not a John Kerry supporter but that kid had no intention other than to start some trouble.

There really is no "true" freedom of speech. To protest, you need a permit. No permit and you resist arrest, you'll have thousands of volts running through your body in no time. They could have pepper sprayed or maced him. That in my opinion is way worse. The tazer is one of the best inventions in a cop's or anyone's non-lethal arsenal.

I'm just really pissed off at this kid because he wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

"The Gainesville Sun, meanwhile, reported Wednesday that from the perspective of eight arresting officers, Meyer would only resist when cameras were present." That makes me furious.

link to the story

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well, in you view gleb there the only protests are ones that again are pre-approved. so if the content is clean enough and not threatening enough it's A-ok.

the kid was a bitch ass but you're allowed to be a bitch in this country, the truth is that all that should of happened was Kerry should of said something to the effect of that is a stupid question and I can't even dignify a answer to it. but instead the student said a key word that the pigs were obviously told to rush anyone that said and so they did.

this is something that any conservative (true conservative anyway) should be outraged by as well as liberals, I really consider most politicians and people in the US center right and thus this might not be a big deal because it's okay to use unrestricted state power beat anyone who ruffles feathers and thinks for themselves down with a iron fist.

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There really is no "true" freedom of speech. To protest, you need a permit. No permit and you resist arrest, you'll have thousands of volts running through your body in no time. They could have pepper sprayed or maced him. That in my opinion is way worse. The tazer is one of the best inventions in a cop's or anyone's non-lethal arsenal.

Check out Gleb, the fascist in training! Celebrate that authoritarian nature of yours, fella!

I need a permit to protest? WTF are you TALKING about? You're what...16? Wow.

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it's okay to use unrestricted state power beat anyone who ruffles feathers and thinks for themselves down with a iron fist.

unless you have a permit, of course!

so Gleb...what about the situations where people HAVE permits and STILL get beaten.

sad to see how brainwashed our youth are if Gleb is representative of them.

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I don't know of any modern day protests that are done in a non-******* manner that have ended violently.

I didn't say its right, I just said thats how it is. I just believe all that happend to the kid, that he deserved it. He pushed the person in front of him that wasn't done speaking out of the way to get the mic.

The reason I do believe in the permit to protest is that so the surrounding areas could be prepared for it, and to make sure the protest is not done in a disruptive manner. Imagine what Boston would be like if you had to get to work, but the bus/train/traffic isn't moving because people are blocking the streets. I live near longwood ave, which has at many hospitals on it that do very controversial research. Imagine if 1,000 protesters clogged up the street to protest stem cell research while blocking the dozens of ambulences that travel up and down that street everyday.

Also, if they do deny you the right to protest, they have to tell you why, so in reality, anyone could protest anything they want if they wanted to...

Maybe I'm pretty bitter about this because of all the anti-stem cell research, and animal testing activist I see that DO occassionally get in my way. And also the fact that I'm against everything they stand for, and many of them are extremely hipacritical.

I guess my point is, I hate douchbags. That kid had all the right in the world to ask those questions, but the fact is, he didn't do it in a civilized manner, and he displayed all the characteristics of a sh*t stirring douchebag-telling his friend to film the drama-being fine off camera-pushing the first speaker aside...

I do not support what Kerry has done/is doing, just to make sure thats clear.

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While I'm not defending the fact that there's a whole heap of arrogant cops out there who think that it's their right to play God, and you'll pay for it if you don't like it, maybe you should walk in the shoes of one for a while. My cousin is a first year cop in New Zealand, and some of the garbage that these guys have to put up with is unbelievable. And like your story, it's things like smart ass kids who think it's perfectly acceptable to pelt cops with bottles when they come to shut down their loud, drunken, vandalising the neighbours properties party. And then they scream "brutality" when they get their heads knuckled. Grow up and take some responsibility for your own actions!

Police in New Zealand did not carry weapons, apart from batons, until the taser was introduced 18 months ago. They still don't carry guns, unless you're a member of the Armed Offenders Squad and are called out. Yet when a 6ft, 250lb guy, dragging his screaming and bloodied wife by the hair and waving a meat cleaver, and stoned out of his mind on meth, starts advancing on unarmed police officers who have offered him the chance to surrender ... and he gets tasered ... all the bleeding hearts just scream. Yet if the police officer had been killed, and the guy had run amok in the neighbourhood killing innocent bystanders, would that have been acceptable?? What a bunch of BS.

It seems that the media just LOVES to sensationalise this c**p. I say, send some of these guys out in the front line for a week, and see if their minds change. I'd bet they would, and in a hurry.

Gleb, I don't care about political correctness. I'm with you 100%. What is it about America now where it's always every other ba$tard's fault but yours? And you have no accountability for ANYTHING that you do? And whenever something happens, there's always some hidden agenda or some ulterior motive that means that it's not your fault? God, this stuff makes me mad. Plan a funeral for common sense, guys, because it's going to die out in the America of your lifetimes.

Sorry for the rant. Offline now.

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No, he wasn't JUST asking a question. He was asked to stop, he carried on, he resisted being escorted from the forum, and then tried to fight. Gleb is quite right - the cops can't beat him with fists, so they took another option. Anyone with half a brain would have got that maybe it was time to go quietly - but no, not this guy. He had to "make a statement" and then wonders why he gets his a$$ kicked. And the editing and the fact that it was being filmed in the first place - no doubt, he was there to stir s**t, and then he cries when he gets more than he bargained for.

Sorry, NOT sympathetic.

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Let's not send this thread down the same path as the WTC thread tex put up and subsequently got taken down.

It IS a sensitive issue.


Have you ever gotten "roughed up" by the cops ?

I have, several times. Once, with a full cast on my arm.

"Want me to break the OTHER arm, smartass ?"

Standing up for what you think is right will get you a beat down by the cops real quick.

I've gone from loud mouth smart ass to " Yes sir, I'm really sorry , sir. My mistake" in about 2 seconds.

Plus, vertically challenged cops just love to take big guys like us and show 'em how tough they are.

Let's not live in a fantasy world, it IS what it IS.

That jackass in florida was ALL about getting on camera and hamming it up.

You remember what Ice Cube said about the PO-LEECE ?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o76WQzVJ434 :lol:

one more edit:

I found this link on a longboard skateboard thread,

interesting, I think.

just some food for thought....



If you're new to libertarianism, our flash animation of "The Philosophy of Liberty" is a delightful introduction to the ideas of liberty.

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anytime I'm at a party where cops show up, all you gotta do is chill out and do as they say. Even if everyone is 21 (extremely rare), just "yes sir" your way outta there.

2 weekends ago the cops here definitely over stepped their boundrys, but I understand why they did. We were heading to a large kegger going on down the street. 2 of my friends were carrying cups full of rum and coke. Now, they didn't have bottles, so it could've been water in there. They came up to us, knocked the cups out of their hands after one of them spilled everything out in the grass, and yelled at us for 10 minutes. I just stood there, and listened knowing they had no right to randomly check us like that. plus they had no proof it was booze in the cups. There was no point in talking back since they got enough real crap to deal with, and there is no point in making a scene.

I've never seen a short or non-massive cop on mission hill yet, so I'm not going to start any trouble with these guys.

Were my friends stupid to go out with an open container of alcohol, yes. I say, just get out of their presence as fast and unsuspiciously as possible.

I'm not going to make a scene because it will prove nothing.

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