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new thread on something like AM board


Better for carving on ruined pistes  

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  1. 1. Better for carving on ruined pistes

    • SG AllMountain Alpine 169
    • Prior 4WD 169

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Thank you all for your inputs in my last thread.

Now I'm thinking between Prior 4WD 169 and SG AllMountain Alpine 169.

To mention again, I'm 5'10'' and weigh 165-170 lbs and I need a board that'd be best possible for carving on ruined pistes and uneven snow with bumps, moguls and stuff.

What would you chose and why?

Thanks again!

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I still feel strongly enough about my Coiler AM - T recommendation that I am not voting.

Mike is right on and explains my above comment, there is no real competition in my eyes, the Coiler AM rules it.

the flex profile is what makes the coiler AM stand out from the others (can't speak about the SG though) Bruce hit it right and no one else comes even close, add metal to the equation and you have a rig that is light years ahead of the game.

mind that you can get a custom shaped metal coiler for about $100 more than a new ATV or 4WD nevermind the 400 US cheaper it is to get a custom coiler with metal than a custom prior with metal.

Also, Coilers come with a decent tune where as most priors have a terrible tune.

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I ride 4WD 174 and love it. Still, I won't vote as I didn't ride the SG. However, the nose on SG looks even better then on Prior. Speaking of nose, Prior has better (read bigger) nose then Coiler. I rode Coiler for very brief few runs, but I didn't find it any better then Prior. I suspect that my 4WD might have quad glass or is stiffer then stock...

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Since you are looking for opinions...you don't neccesarily need an AM board, a stiff freeride board with good sidecut might be all you need. Last season I purchased a F2 Respect 168, slapped on the TD2's, rode bumps, powder, cliffs, ice, and when I took it to Schweitzer Mtn. I had many of the locals on carving and race boards keep asking me how a freeride board could trench so deeply. I'm not discounting the Prior or Coiler, they are great boards, but I got mine for $220.00 U.S. - new.

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