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Jumpin to House of Pain


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Just got a few pairs of these for the shop.

Didn't think it would be as hard as it is. Bailed pretty hard after a few minutes on them, now I'm respecting them a bit more.

Won't be making any vids of me anytime soon, but you can check out the pros: youtube vid

Gotta love House of Pain.


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Yeah, I'm not into doing backflips anymore. Already have hardware in my body from snowboarding, so I know whatcha mean. I'm respecting them.

What I like about them:




I was on scholarship in Uni for springboard diving. So I miss the jumping around. The trampoline we have is acceptable for the kids, but it just doesn't give me the thrill it once did. Now I have a way to jump and workout at the same time while looking totally gnarly.

Plus everyone over 30 should just do some crazy stuff once in a while to stay fresh.

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Haha...At first I thought I was going to see this

The stilts look pretty cool too. :biggthump

Isn't that kind of stuff why the military doesn't walk in time over bridges. Too many at the same beat (step) can take down a bridge. Or some such thing as that.

The bouncy feet thing looks really cool. And I know that I don't ever have to do that or skydiving either.

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