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2008 season ....... WEEEEEEEEEE ! Capital area NY riders ?


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who the heck's this dave guy?:lol:

but seriously, im so stoked. ive got a night pass for jiminy, so ill be heading up there constantly:biggthump any time you guys want to ride together, im up for it. as long as im not too busy studying:smashfrea

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Here I am!

Working as an architect in NYC.

I signed up at New York Snowboard Meetup, but in 700 members no one is a carver!!!! :smashfrea:AR15firin:angryfire

Thinking to partecipate both SES in Feb and ECES in March.

Ciao, Gio

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I am going to teach snowbording (beginers and carving; soft boots and hard) In windham, so it is going to be my home mountain for this season.

I am going this sat, anybody wants a ride from city? give me a call (917 331 6615)

I am also interested in finding inexpensive place to stay for few weekends.

I will be driving back and forward but some times would be nice to stay.

Also if you interested in cheep clasess, I need to figure out my teaching technique (you pay one hour and get three)


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I'm sure if you don't "Book it" with Windham, the instructor will much rather teach an imprompetau private lesson on his own time (provided there are no scheduled lessons for him) for a fifty dollar bill cash in his hand ;)

I have yet to refuse a cash on the side deal...... becasue it is far more money than I would make teaching for the mountain for one hour.

I make more, friends/ other members pay less..... :1luvu::flamethro

Share some forum member love :D

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Carver Extraordinaire

</TD><TD width="100%">

You are welcome to crash in Albany if you wanted for a few days at my place... LMK.


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I just started teaching and it is important that they will understend that there could be need for carving classes (soft and hard)

I dont care if i make more $$$$ just want to establish myself so i will not teach beginners.

I would like to find people who would book one hour carving class but i would give them 2 or 3 (i need to practice my teaching at this point)

The goal is to establish carving comunity, create intrest in carving, and racing.


Thanks for offer to crach in Albany but it looks like i found a place in catskills.

We should ride together some time. What is you home mountain?

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