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board advice...


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its that time of the season... all the tent sales. :biggthump

i don't know what it is... it always gets me in a good mood. going to hoigaards friday just to check it out. i doubt i'll buy anything.

i'm interested in finding out what everyone is/was riding here locally in mn. i'm need a new board. my FP, while has been good to me, started to feel like a red plastic toboggan.

thinking 180's with a 12 M sidecut.

any opinions?

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Bobble: I've done the "MN Tent Tour" in the past - all your going to

find are short freestyle boards.. lucky to find anything +168.

I agree about the FP - I am selling off my 164 FP this year,

and getting a 166 F2 like Joe's but bigger. That's a sweet little SL board

I think you'd like. My 184 F2 is great, though I wish it was a touch stiffer.

Also looking at a 190 Coiler...

Hyland Video from Nov 2006 - sure does look inviting:


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went to hoigaards. too crowded. they had a hobby cop directing traffic.

lots of skis, ski boots, poles, lots of clothing but hardly any goggles.

not many snowboards -- only a couple 2-3 foot racks.

if i was in the market for a freestyle board, i would be really disappointed. not much of anything. maybe they weren't done setting up.

i left without buying anything.

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