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Apocolypse Snow - Returns


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Some of you old folks may remember Apocolypse from the last time it was around. Nearly 25 years ago and starring boards like the apocolypse and winterstick. This trailer is very cool.

Linke to Web Page

Let's see if I can embed it:

<embed src="http://www.zapiks.fr/share/vttfreeride.swf?file=8767〈=fr" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="489" height="315"></embed>

Hey, it worked!

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hey ken, actually u have to check what those dudes do with paragliding its crazy :)

a few links of Francois Bon who has been freestyle world champ for a long time now:

Eiger speedriding, 1st attempt ever

am also impressed by this ( jean noel Itzstein ) wingsuit on the same eiger north face...

As for the Apo Snow 4.. its been delayed 1 more season... they removed monoskiers which imho sucks because it was old school .. not its full of skiers and the spirit is not the same but well....hehe in the vid u can recognize regis, who's getting bald now smiles..

lots of crazy flying objects in the alps the past 2-3 years....

anyone seen this : woopyjump vid


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