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Another kiter death.


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Sheesh, don't get all tangled up in the lines and drown in 3 feet of water or anything...

As an old school windsurfer, I know I'm always somewhat anti-kite ( as this sports over exposure to me rivals Paris Hilton's ) but I don't want anybody to die.....

What a waste. I'm headed out to sail today and my thoughts will be with this poor guys' family. You other eggheads watch out for those ridiculous lines!


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it looks like the guy had a heart attack and drown. It didn't say anything about him getting tangled in lines.

Too bad. We all try to watch out for each other out there.

kites, sailboards ,jetskiis, whatever.

You remember me telling you about my swedish buddy, Johann, that got diagnosed with epilepsy and managed to get back on the water wearing a pfd in case something happened. I watched out for him like a hawk.Luckily, he's much better and living in Hawaii.

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My link was to iwindsurf, the ikitesurf forum had no real info ather than his name.

Quote from first post in the thread:

"I was not sure what he meant and he told me that the rider attached to the kite (on the wall) had drowned. He told me that he had seen the rider and actually touched him. He said the kite lines had become wrapped around the riders’ legs."

"Jeff said he saw the guy moving around and assumed he was "monkey-ing with his gear" so he could get relaunched."

2nd quote from news:

Lifeguard boats pulled the lifeless body, which was found floating face-down, out of the water at about 4 p.m. Saturday, said Long Beach Fire Department Capt. Mike DuRee.

The man was found between Granada Avenue and Island Chaffee, with a harness that was attached to a kite, leading authorities to believe the man may was a kite surfer.

The victim was in full cardiac arrest and transported to a local hospital where he was declared dead, DuRee said.

"Full cardiac arrest" means his heart was stopped when they fished him out....not that he had a heart attack...

He was 30 year old malaysian guy named Lee. Not a pretty mental picture..kite-dragged backwards by the legs out of control face down in the water, totally stuck in the harness flailing around slowly drowning in hip-deep water...

Once after a good wreck, I was stuck underwater, hooked in the harness under a BIG sail, without a good breath first and not sure which way to swim..

Very Hairy..if I really panicked ( and I did for a second ) I would have been a floater for sure..

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I didn't every post, just scammed through it.

this was posted today by his family:

We still don’t know what happened exactly to him until they perform the examination (autopsy). I don’t know if we’ll ever know. We just pray that he did not suffer long in the ocean water alone and that it happened quickly so that he didn’t have to feel so much pain.

Either way, it's very tragic. He sounded like a super nice, smart guy.

Kiting isn't dangerous due to kite lines and getting tangled( most of us carry a little knife in our harness, just in case).

I've gotten wrapped and tangled in lines floating in the water when the kite went down and stayed down and had to self rescue.

You have to think quick and not panic( and bad stuff can still happen)

Getting flung hard and slamming the water so hard it knocks the stuffing out of you, that's the stuff that'll knock you out.


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Any death in any sport is very devastating to that sports community, friends and family but I take calling the deceased a "poor fool" and then calling us kiters "eggheads" a bit over the top...sorry but I do take offense to that. Sounds a lot sometimes of what I have to put up with in the ongoing skier vs snowboarder issues here on Aspen mtn. I appreciate your posting on this accident as I'll learn more about my sport from trying to understand the accident and reading more about it but please try to refrain from name calling, it only belittles the accident and the post. Also as if there aren't windsurfer related deaths or anything but here is a unfortunate instance this past summer http://forums.iwindsurf.com/viewtopic.php?t=12905 accidents happen in all sports and yes kiting has it's risks above windsurfing but I'm glad I didn't get on a public forum and call the unfortunate woman a "poor fool" and if I'm misreading your purpose for posting this then I'm sorry but your words have offended me.

JoelP...snowboarder and kitesurfer

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Dano meant no harm. He's just got kite envy.We've known each other a long time and I hope he eventually learns to kite.

Windsurfer is no way as dangerous as kiting.

Dano sent me this today.

The Royal Family: When you're a multi-time world windsurfing champ with a business to run everybody wants a piece of you -- even your dog -- but Robby Naish takes it all in style...


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Thanks Willy and sorry Dano, I'm kind of in a mid depression stage being in Colorado and not being able to go kiting. 2 new kites are being shipped and I'm land locked at the moment. Sorry if I took it the wrong way.

I'm envious you guys are on the water :(

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JOE, you are right, fool WAS out of line...I edited it out ( kiter = fool to me, but that's just me ) I wouldn't want to make any of the dead guys' family or anyone who can relate feel any worse.

I think I was mad initially that someone's kid would have to see a dead body in the water at an otherwise pristine beach location and would probably be scarred for life...Just kuz ( I assume ) someone inexperienced got themselves killed.

Egghead is honestly a term of endearment for me, as I gleaned it off an off an old friend who used it all the time.

I will never learn to kite. It has zero appeal to me. I hate the way the lines take up so much room on a crowded beach and that you can't safely do it alone.

I DO like the way it made all the uncommitted windsurfers sell off their gear for cheap and make much more room at all the good spots. No traffic rules!

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DAno is a rare bird. Most hardcore windsurfers I know at least "aspire" to learn to kite.Some kite half the time and only windsurf when it blows over 40.

Dano truly is ..... a "commited" windsurfer.

Bottom line, kitesurfing is more dynamic than poleboarding.

I had to shut down some kids yesterday at our local beach flying a kite, barely, in light wind running around the beach to keep it in the air. When they had it over some old local ladies in beach chairs (potentially dropping it on thier heads) I had to say "you're all done". Funny, since they were from Slovakia and here on the cape for work for 3 months.

I try not to come off as a jerk but c'mon guys , we've got enough trouble keeping kiting halfway respectable and don't need people chirping to the park and rec folks.

This guy, Jerry, rips on both kites and sailboards.

I really wanna get back out there on my old wave gear the next time it blows 50 and see if I can still rip around with a sail in my face :eplus2:


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on the topic of what this threads headed towards, but not started as:

kiting looks like fun, and i'm jealous of the ease with which you guys can jump, but I'm unlikely to try it any time soon, primarily because of the inability to land your own kite, the space it takes to launch, and the aparent difficulty in heading upwind.

I'll stick with windsurfing, i'm almost to the point of being able to jump, and i'm becoming more comfortable with the whole harness deal.. anyone find waists easier to get hooked in on than the oldschool seats? i've been in footstraps and planing for about two years now :biggthump before that it was crusing around on longboards mainly

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Let me clear up a few things.

You CAN launch and land a kite by yourself. It takes some practice, but it's relatively safe to do.

It isn't that hard to find enough space to launch, even on a beach full of kiters.

UPwind is always a factor in sailing. It's actually easier to stay upwind on a kite in lighter air since you can swing the kite and create power, unlike windsurfing.

Doing downwinders (in Hatteras) is always a blast since you fall downwind every time you jump.

AND, as you mentioned, Jumping with a kite is an unreal experience. Your first ten footer feels like 30 and 30 feels like 100. Plus, it's pretty safe once you get the "hang" of it and learn to land softly.

Since you're a surfer, you should know that surf kiting is getting really big.

Imagine being powered up, slashing waves for hours on a 6' board.

Don't get me wrong, windsurfing is still a blast in the right conditions.

Yesterday, I moved some old boards. An F2 Axxis 95 liter wave board, a Seatrend 82 liter for nukin' wind and a Gem 115 liter slalom board for going faster in a straight line.

I'm still planning to windsurf, you CAN DO BOTH.

I've always preferred a Dakine Seat harness, XT seat is what I'm running now. I've got 2 old ones I keep in case something breaks or somebody forgets thier harness.

Sounds like you're on the right track if you're in the footstraps, planing and hooked in. Windsurfing is a blast when it's blowing 40 and you're on a short board and a small sail. Now you need to learn to water start and gybe.

This vid is from the Surf Expo in Fla a few days ago.

Best is really cutting edge in kitesurfing.Bordy knows. :cool:

Maybe we can put something together next spring, I'm always open to helping out peeps that are serious about getting into kiting.

Once you're "hooked" there's no looking back :biggthump


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how does one land their own kite? i've always had to catch, turn into wind, and throw some sand on other riders kites.

I'll see if I can track down an online video.

You basically hover it over the sand and yank one side so the leading edge lands into the wind( as if you were going to put sand on it)

Some guys use a stake or one of those cork screw dog leash things and hook the bar to it and run to the kite.It's alot easier with a bow kite like a waroo than a c kite.

here ya go:


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Thanks, thats good to know & does make the idea of kiting somewhat more positive, though letting go of the sail and hopping off into waist deep water still sounds easier :rolleyes:

i still wish there was a "steer this way then pull" method for flying 30 feet on a windsurfer. I'm also a bit jealous of the total gear package size for kiting.. large backpack vs station wagon full.. oh well!

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The one time I've seen a single kiter/single handed landing attempt, the kite ended up in like 150 pieces on the rocks. Granted it was a deep water launch with a narrrow beach with trees ( and power lines ) downwind. They were incredibly stupid to try, but it did provide me with valuable entertainment.

That was the only time I ever saw a lone kiter. They always run in packs.

Which is fine if your life is set up like that.

I assume it would be dangerous/stupid to kite alone, unless you have a spot that's a huge 3 foot deep puddle. That little wake board won't float you.

Willy, come out of the closet already. YOU ARE A KITER.

Still windsurf of it's blowing 40?....puh-lease that's 5 days a year....

And let's not forget you never learned to carve jibe. You don't own windsurfing until you can actually turn without getting wet. Sorry, but your opinions on windsurfing are barely qualified.

Most of the kiters I talk to ( actually they talk talk talk to me ) never windsurfed, yet they all start telling me how much better kiting is. Shaddap already. Not interested.

I like the ones who look at me like I have 3 heads when I say "It's windy/filled in over there" but they can't actually go anywhere and get back like a windsurfer can. It's not a viable vehicle.., it's a shore toy.

Those lines can be a pain!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Nice, looks like it's still warm there. We have snow on the peaks but I'm have a hard time with it and want to go some place tropical and kite. May have to head to SPI for a last blast of summer soon.

Willy, you getting on the new Nemisis???????

nice little vid


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I total missed this thread! I am sitting at home waiting for my Nemisis to show up.

Dano, I kite alone and am still here for what its worth. I do prefer to kite with friends but some times its just me and my old pole board friends.

I used to windsurf and can carve jibe but really don't want to ever again. The wind is so much better just a few meters above the water, then there is the Kite flys and so can you part.....

The kite is the best saling I have ever experanced! My windsurfers have been sold( did keep one rig for the kids and girls) and my hobie cat just sits now.

Oh yea how is the windsurfing on the snow? Snowkiting is the answer to all that is POW! oh yea then there is that whole glide thing (unexplanable).......

I'll be touring with Best again this winter only Jake Buzianis and I will have the Best RV all winter you should all come check out the snow scene.

We will be in NH and VT this winter.

Joel we will have the HP in CO for the therapy sessions I should be on it be this weekend if the delevery guy ever shows up. I am coming off the Pro but also ride the bullaroo and waroo somw times

Also Willy I have a ton of brand new 07 waroos for sale( some rasta) if you know anyone in the market, we will also be selling our demo quiver of buls and pros when the Hps come in.

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Bordy, thanks but I'm a Naish guy, I'm waiting on a Helix and a Cult and I have my Shockwaves for sale. But I'll definetly find you to try the Nemi. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the 08 kites, all a supreme batch. I'll probably be at Strawberry a lot this winter.

Are you kiting Utah Lake??? that's about a 6 - 7 hr drive for me. I found a cool lake in WY and kited it 3 weeks ago..solo...with no issues what so ever. Saratoga, WY. nice little place, clean wind from the North to West. Rode my SW 16 for 3 hrs, no one else on the Lake. it's small but was worth the drive and was a blast. The next day the wind changed to SSW so it was unkitable with high gusts.

Fly high and long

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...without tangling a freakin kiter's lines.

I stand corrected, Sounds like you could kite without waiting around for other beings to help. I've just never seen it and certainly nobody does around here.

I hear anal is great too, but hey, it just doesn't appeal to me personally.


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Joel, I kite a bunch of spots depending on the wind yesterday I rode 9M waroo pro and surfboard at Deer Creek whitch is about a 15 minutes from my house. Its a good place on a S but can be gusty, I could have flown up to 13m yesterday but was really having fun on the 9m.

UL is great on a N and has swell up to 5 foot high becuase its so shallow. It also has some sweet sandy beachs and long shallow area.

I saw some guys flying the helix in the gorge in July looked like a fun kite, intill they put it on the beach and had to use several kite bags with sand in them to weight it down, no big deal just interesting. I would still like to fly one though. I flew the wind wing bat while I was there also, interesting kite as well, different.

If you are going to be kiting strawbs for sure let me know I live 20 minutes from there and it is for sure my local spot! Perhaps you could talk Michelle into coming with, she just spent several days here and was getting up on the board when she left!!!! She also brings other kiter girls with her so thats nice.

Hope it windy for ya be safe!

Dano, fear the kite for it is all that is evil........ ok by evil I really mean awsome and some day you may be hogtied by willy and forced to try. then where will you be, all hooked on the kite but still telling your friends how unsafe it is but still runny down to the beach when noone is looking to go kite!!!! It like freackin heroin!!!!

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Dano, fear the kite for it is all that is evil........ :eplus2::eplus2:

was it the part when I went screamin' past ya tearing upwind ? or the time you were doin' the monkey hang off the boom schloggin' to get back on a plane after jibing ?

kiting really has it all over poleboarding in so many ways.Watching guys SKY over (and I mean OVER ) 15 foots masts , no problem.

When the wind backed off and the windsurfers limped back to the beach, kiters rigged from up from 9's to 13 meters and went right back out, some on strapped surfboards, some on phattys TTs, but still ripping.

Even Mike Tucker, one of the baddest windsurfers on the cape was kiting in 25-35 and he's still learning. When I landed him and asked if he was gonna windsurf, he's like ...dude, I'm ALL DONE with windsurfing...I don't know why I waited so long to try kiting, I LOVE IT !

when yer ready to come over to the dark side....let me know :rolleyes:




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