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Does anyone here have a DVD from the 2002? SES. I think that is the correct year, if not, I am sure someone here can tell me the year I need. I loaned my copy to a buddy and now he claims it is his. I've asked him to burn me a copy and send it to me but after 2 years of asking I figure I might as well just move on.

If someone here has that particular SES on DVD could you burn me a copy?? I would be more than happy to pay for the disc and shipping to get it to me here in Calif.

Just to clarify, the DVD that I am looking for has a song titled, Mr. E's Wild Ride or maybe that is the group, I can't remember. It also has a carver taking out an orange "slow" banner and hiking back up to replace it. There are also some still photos taken by Kevin McDougal that are at the end of the DVD. If someone here recognizes that particular DVD from my clues and can copy it for me it would be most appreciated.

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Thanks for doing that. I've always enjoyed that DVD. I used to plug it in during the summer months just to get a wintertime carving fix.

Let me know what I owe you for doing that.

BTW, nice job on taking out the sign, mighty kind of you to hike back up the hill to replace the pole!! I often wondered who that was that did that, now I know.

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