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Life expentency of boot


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I have a pair of AF600 been riding them for 4 seasons now 30-35 days a season. I was wondering what is the typical life of a boot ? Should I start thinking about a replacement? They are in good shape, no holes in the liner or cracks in boots.

Its fun to change boards but boots isn't something I'm really looking forward to change. They are very comfy.

Thanks for the info


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I have a pair of AF600 been riding them for 4 seasons now 30-35 days a season.

If the shells aren't cracked or stressed they are probably fine. I'm a known boot abuser (clumsiness, not skill :o - I eat **** often) and I have a pair of Suzukas that, with some hardware replacements (joint between upper and lower shell) is still going strong after 120+ riding days. They have softened somewhat but nothing major.

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Ernie, I love the AF600 for the majority of my riding. With 150+ days on my last pair, like Mike T, it is the hardware that seems to wear out and need replacement. I ended up finding a pair of AF600s a year older that my last pair but NOS. They are my main "Go To" boots.


Bordy has mentioned seeing boots come apart. I have seen ski boots break but no AF600s that I recall.

If you use Intec heels I would replace them after they start getting sloppy or have allot of days on them

Also with Intec heels, if you have not inserted them and they are several years old , you are living on borrowed time. Insert them and ride with confidence.

Have a backup pair if at all possible, have them in your car/truck at the mountain. The way to go!!


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I agree with what Bryan said.

I find boots last somewhere between 120-150 days before I want to, or need to replace them. My current Heads have something in that range and are starting to show their age. The liners are good, but the top of the tongue is frayed where my knee brace hits. I've replaced two buckles because the springs broke. I noticed a small crack at the flex point near the end of last season. I drilled a small hole to stop the crack from spreading, knowing I'd be getting new boots this fall. I'll keep the old ones as backup/loaners. Their performance hasn't deteriorated appreciably.

Intec heels last about half that long. I replace them before they fail (for reasons that should be obvious). If the pins start getting sloppy, the wings break, or other wear issues appear, I replace the heels. I try to always have a spare set of heels as well. Of course the only time I really needed the spare pair urgently was for a friend, but he was a happy friend when I saved his weekend. In reality I usually have two spares around now. The most recently retired pair plus the next pair of new ones.

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