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I was kinda leary about posting it to begin with, cause I didn't want to point out somebody's error and then point out who it was who made the error. Just seemed kinda rude, despite the fact that none of us will probably ever meet this person. But if it's for someone interested in the board then it seems a worth it.

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F2 Fun and Function 80’s or early 90’s snowboard. This board was made in the peak on experimentation so it looks wild with custom edges and retro graphics. Both the bindings work excellent and the bottom of it has little scratches here and there but nothing wax couldn’t fix and I guarantee it wouldn’t affect the ride or performance at all. The board with a tune up (fresh wax and re-sharpened edges), would make an excellent retro board.

He doesnt mention it will be a top performing board, he does say it would make an excellent retro board, also he is starting the bid at 15 bucks, I say he is being reasonable and wrote a description that will sell his board.

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I didn't tell him/her. I'm actually not an ebay member, otherwise I may have told them. The bindings definately moved though. It looks alot better this way (though it's still goofy:p).

I was looking closely at the board and those strips almost didn't look like graphics, but instead looked like they could be strips of carbon or kevlar or some other sort of stiffener. With a pattern like that they seem like they'd be hardly beneficial, so they're probably nothing. Am I just losing my mind or does anybody else see what I saw?

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In late action, after I was asleep, after the red sox collapse, I also lost the board. From being the only bidder at the minimum for 7 days, the price jumped, and I lost the board to $39 bid.

Oh well. I wouldn't have paid that much anyway.

But it was definitely worth $15 to find out about custom edges. Of course, they probably wouldn't have worked for me anyway, as they should have been custom for the original owner.

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