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I am mad


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I am so mad right now.

For the past few weeks, I have been scoping out this remote mountain lake online with maps etc. I went to go find it and walked the wrong way and didn't end up at the lake, I poured over more maps etc and finally found a road that gets me close so I take my daughter in with me and we hike through virgin bush and tons of obstacles but we found the lake, it looks so awesome but is surrounded by a bog so i could not fish it as I only brought my rod and some flies. Anyways there is a weekly fishing article in the local paper and it seem this guy was also looking for the lake and posted explicit directions with mileage and road names on how to get into this lake. There is no trail to this lake, hardly anyone knows about it, I asked some oldtimers and they never heard of it. Now when i go in there this weekend, there is going to be quads, chainsaws and people trying to get their boats into it.

I was hoping to go in packing my float tube cross country and catch some nice trout.

Damn am I ever pissed. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin:AR15firin

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Fleaman, I feel your pain. I too have one of those secret spots that I only share with my fellow fly fishing brothers. It is a great place to catch the elusive Golden Trout with occasional fish measuring up to 14", not a huge fish mind you but the colors are incredible.

Anyways, an article is written and published in one of Californina's fly fishing papers, along with explicit directions on how to get there. It really pissed me off, fortunately, the paper doesn't have a huge circulation and the article was written last fall. I think that has been enought time for this place to fall off most fisherman's radar. The water was so low this summer that I didn't go there as I didn;t want to stress the fish anymore than needed.

I hope your place doesn't get slammed, sounds like a great place. Here is Southern California most guys won't go to the places if it takes some effort to get there or they can't drag their 128 quart beer cooler with them.

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there is something to be said to be on a lake by yourself and no noise of motors, parties and other stuff. Usually when I am done fishing, I am so relaxed, I dont want to go.

I should write the guy back and say I was in there and Large bear was charging me, so I ran away and while running away, a family of cougars stalked me.

That should keep people away.

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It seems nothing is sacred in BC any more. When I drove back from Vancouver last week I was shocked at the development going in around the lakefronts in the Okanagan, especially Mara Lake, which the last time I went, was a gorgeous sleepy jewel and is now a massive construction site.

Soon it's going to turn from a land of pristine hidden lakes to a land of access roads and overpriced condos...

One of the nice things about Alberta's lakes is that at least you have to hike uphill for miles to get to most of them. Keeps all the gapers away ... :eplus2:

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Fleaman, so tell me was your lake a zoo the last time you visited there. I know you were trying to keep it secret then the article appeared. WEre you able to catch some nice trout or did all the baitdunkers get to them first??

My local stream fared much worse than your lake, We had some huge thunderstorms during the Labor day weekend that dumped huge amounts of rain into the mountains. My creek that I was fishing for wild rainbows took the full brunt of the flash flood that came ripping through the canyon. All the fish have been washed downstream where they will eventually die. The same thing happened 7 years ago and it took approximately five years for the fish to repopulate it. This stream was located about 15 miutes from my house and passes right next to a major hwy for getting to and from the mtns but no one ever suspected there were fish in it. There were only four other people that fished this place consistently. Now it is gone, at least for awhile.

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I didn't end up going. I changed my mind at the last minute and went to a lake that was windy as hell and could barely get a cast in. So I went home and grabbed my electric motor, boat and went to another small lake and caught 4 brook trout all around 14 inches. I am not sure if I will have time this year to go back into this lake. Maybe in October if everything goes well.

On another note, we went into a high elevation backcountry lodge (Cathedral Lakes)that has a few lakes around it. I fished a nice lake at the foot of some mountains and caught a nice rainbow and one cutthroat. Then today before we went home, I rowed my wife around the lake at the lodge and she caught 3 nice cutthroats.

We also got some nice hikes in, one of them took 7 hours with my toddler son strapped to my back. The views were incredible.

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