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I hit "The Mother Road"


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Best weekend in a while.

I drove home this past weekend for my 20th year highschool reunion, yea I'm getting old, but young at heart. Great time buried some hatchets, yucked it up. Got hungover

Leading up to the reunion, kept telling one of my old football teammates, Mark Franklin, I was going to downhill, Penn View......on my skateboard. He said I was crazy and it couldnt done. This is coming from a decorated marine who has seen his share of action in the first gulf war.

I had been eye-ing this hill since being a kid (30 years), but never did it due to lack of kahoneys (sp?)

Driving in on Saturday afternoon (first time back in the area in years), to my suprise all of the old roadway was moved and a paving crew was kind enough to provide what you see below. Good thing they were a little behind schedule, because right lane was still closed with barrels.

Proceeded to the top on Sunday with my friend in tow for a chase car, thanks again Mark. Geared up an went. Cant even described how great of a hill it was. Cant get it out of my head. Crazy thing is, is that there is another 6-7 hills eastbound similar to it in a 30 mile stretch.(double that if you go westbound).

The cherry on top is I did it on a board I built.

Top Speed 42 MPH- I stopped about 200 yards into it b/c I was building way too much speed and wasnt sure how the rest of the hill would play out. Cruised then tucked the bottom 2.75 miles until legs cramped

Average Speed -~ 39 MPH

Speed thru the Radar Sign- 39 MPH

Road Hazards- One tiny acorn I could see from about 50 yards out and cars gawking as they slowly drove by me.

Total Mileage- 3 miles with 2.5 at 6% grade.

Smooth as a bowling alley.

Did it the day before my 38th birthday

Heading back in the Fall to claim as many first descents I can in this stretch.



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If I turned the whole way down doing tight turns, it would have been in the hundreds, if not thousands. Once you see the video, I did some sets of turns, which were fun, but most pointed it for the last 2.5 miles or so, standing up every so often to un cramp the legs. The turns were big open arcs at about 30 MPH. When traffic wasnt coming behind, I used the whole width just to check some speed, but even then it kept getting faster.

Mind you, I only have 3 respectible downhills under my belt. so my confidence level is still a bit shy.

The top part scared me a bit, because I was building some mean a$$ speed and thought that it would have kept building to a point of disaster if I didnt slide at the top. Next time, I will tuck top to bottom as much as possible. I should have my leathers by then.

As far as turning the whole way, it would have been a hill that you would have loved.

I will let you know once my brother posts it on you tube. It looks slow in the video, but I can tell you, it seemed a bit fast from my perspective.

Wanna make the fall trip with me?

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Come on down to the Poconos, we have plenty of blacktop and hills here. The hill on the post is in western Pa.

Paragon- I havent launched my website yet, still doing some trademark and legal stuff, but I intend to be able to offer different shapes, colors, customized engraving (at a fee), flex and completes (RII 180 and Gummies) or just the deck.

I was hoping to launch this summer but just too much going on around the house and work.

I build all decks by hand, one by one out of my garage. Pumped about it and hoping to get folks out there digging the rides.

Thanks for the interest.


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Guest needanswer

Damn that looks steep; hope you have protective gear.

Anyways, congrats. nothing like finding a new road that's perfect for longboarding.

I assume you're near max speed and you're going side to side , but pointing downwards. turning doesn't really speed check at that point, right?

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i love it, very nice job chubz! i got a little nervous in the beginning when you went slalom on the barrels and came close to the shoulder...was that gravel? I tried a hill in rollerblades half the pitch and length and was not as successful...splat!

again very cool.....

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Been on vacation and still cant get this run out of my head , chomping at the bit to get back to it and th others along the roadway I spoke of. I will be n coming back in a few weeks to hit this one again plus hopefully add some to the 1st descent list. This location is about 70 minutes, if that from you if you are interested. I will have a chase car or two to help cover my back. Let me know and I will pick you up in Ebensburg or meet you.

Jim, you are also welcome to try any of the decks I have built. Bring your trucks and wheels, the boards are drilled for old school pattern, i ride randal II 180. I should have a few additional stiffer decks to try by that time.


it was gravel but the road was so wide I didnt even notice. The guy in the car following me did say he was nervous about the gravel but I was so focus on the path of travel I didnt notice. As far as going outside the barrels, I could see a long distance behind for upcoming traffic so I had plenty of time to react. Best run I have ever taken. Next time I hope to add more speed.

I hope to organize some form of charity event or ride along this length of highway. It is all brand new pavement for the most part with numerous descents. It is too much to let go for riders. I am fairly new to downhilling so I dont know the ins and outs of organizing an event but I would love for folks to have the chance to run this plus others along this 30 mile roadway.

Cant wait to run ti again.

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I plan to be back in the area from November 9-18, Route 22 West , just east of Blairsville, to run this again. My leathers came in so you can borrow my body armor if you want. It would be well worth your trip, one hour, if that. There are someothers along Route 22 both ways, that are like this so we could make a day of it if you want, atleast until the cops show up.

Let me know, or anyone else.


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