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SoCal Powder alert!!


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Here in sunny?? Southern Calif. we have been having some wacky weather, highs of 110, lows in the evening of 80s due to all this monsoonal moisture that is getting sucked up here from the Gulf of Mexico. I don't know how you guys can live in the states with high humidity.

Usually this time of year we get highs in the 90s but the temps always drop back down to the 60s at night.

Well onto the powder sighting, I was travelling up one of our local hiways, heading into the mtns and looked at the peak of Mount San Gorgonio (11,400 ft) there on the top was white stuff!! White stuff in September?? this has got to be a first I thought!! I then did the quick calculations in my head( 3 degrees farenheit change for every 1000 feet of elevation) I am at 1500 ft, San G is at 11,400. That is approx 10,000 feet of change multiply by 3 degrees= 30 degrees. Let's see, according to my car thermometer it was 108 in the valley, less 30 degrees= 75 degrees at the summit of San G.

Wait a sec!! that is not cold enough for snow!! What I was looking at was a mountain top full of hail!! It must've dumped up there cause it sure looked like winter time on the top of that mtn.

It got my blood flowing though for the winter months. I can' twait for winter to start!!

Just thought I would share

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