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Oes 2008!

Mike T

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Dates are set for OES 2008!

March 6 - 9, that's Thursday thru Sunday.

I should mention that these dates overlap with the tentative ECES dates. Jack's cool with it. We've never had the same person attend both sessions (at least in the same year) so no big deal. Kinda cool to have two sessions going on at the same time on opposite sides of the country!

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Now I know what I'm doing the week of my birthday!(Mar 4) It's cool that two of these shindigs(+Big Mtn in Jan) are within reasonable driving distance in 08. I have dreams about riding that soon-to-be-mine Coiler at these mountains.Hard to believe it's only two months 'til ridable snow!

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Anybody from the SF bay area going? I'm thinking carpool. My explorer would hold 1 more with gear inside. My 184 just fits, hoping I don't have to put the burner on the roof. Actually 2 might fit, depends on how much gear. I have done 3 to Tahoe with all gear inside.

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We used to stay at the Riverhouse before we moved here. In addition to a hot tub and reasonable rates, they allow dogs which was the clincher for us. If you are a carnivore their restaurant is supposedly one of the best places to get a steak in town - I'm a seafood and chicken kind of guy so I couldn't tell you.

One thing to be careful of - they seem to have a history of fouling up multi-day tickets when you get them through their discount program. Ask them what happens if your multi-day ticket doesn't work, or if they can issue you a separate ticket each morning.

If you want something close to the mountain, Inn of the 7th mountain is the place to be. A little more expensive though.

Check Bachelor's site as the season gets closer, they always have a list of hotels that have lodging / ticket deals.

Out-of-towners typically get their tickets through a lodging deal or partner program (Costco, GI Joes) since all the locals have season passes and the minimum group discount size is 20... and the partner programs generally give you a ticket for about the same price as the group rate anyway.

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+1 for the Riverhouse or the Shilo Inn right next door. Shilo's deal that includes "tickets" isn't as good as it sounds.

Inn of the Seventh Mountain is also a great place to stay too, and a few minutes closer.

I've stayed at all three. 7th Mtn may be a bit nicer, but not all that noticeable. The time savings in the morning is maybe 10 minutes (probably more like 7) over staying at the other two.

I may be able to go this year. We'll see. Not sure if I'd drive up from Bay Area or fly. Depends on a bunch of factors.

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Can any of the locals give us an idea of where to get reasonable lodging. I'm really not looking for expensive resorts, just a comfortable place to hang, hopefully with a hot tub.

The City of Bend has a ton of small motels that are quite reasonable. Between 35-45$ is common. Most are less than a half hour from the mountain.

Easy drive too!!

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