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Is there anything Google can't do?

Jack M

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Knowing Googles reputation I wouldn't expect my phone number to be in any danger. I think the catch is when you call you have to listen to a quick 30 second advertisement before you do your search. Is that the way it worked pat?

If it were some other unknown company I would be leary of calling, but google can afford something like this. In order to make money you need to spend money.

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I called the number and was prompted for city and state. I said Berlin, Connecticut. It then asked for the business. I said Suburban Sports. It found the number immediately and dialed the call at no charge.

Pretty cool.

My wife and I were going to call ahead for reservations on our way to VT last weekend and I was too cheap to use directory assistance. Not a problem anymore.

Thanks Jack!

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While working in China I use a local mobile phone (China Mobile) to avoid the HUGE expense of using my personal phone. CM has a cool service for people that don't speak Chinese.

You can SMS a word (such as a hotel, restaurant, point of interest) in English to a special number. Returned within seconds is a list of possible places you're looking for. Select the one you want and hit reply. Almost immediately you receive a reply again only this time it's the complete address (and phone number) in Chinese so you can give the phone to your taxi driver.

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I don't think most people realize that unless you disable some settings, by default google collects information through several different ways, including web searches. gmail users will notice ads related to the topic of their email.

google is amazing. jack, there is a "google hacks" book.

I use the "define <term>" capability constantly at work to check word spelling and definitions if I am unsure. it's much quicker than going to m-w.com. also there is a calculator function which is cool.

google mini search bar in yoru web browser also saves time.

and of course gmail is amazing even though you cannot block specific senders (surprisingly)

lastly, workikng for google would be awesome - perhaps teh most non traditional major IT company....

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