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Random stuff I found in my garage- ski rack, trailer ball, climbing harness


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Harness & Hitch gone - Rack still available

these are for sale elsewhere but if anyone wants them let me know...

cleaning out my garage...found a few things someone may be able to use...

Ski rack for a 2004 Ford Explorer (probably fits a few other years...but I don't know. Yakima OEM for Ford. locks work, used for 3 seasons...

$25 + shipping


tow ball hitch for 2001 Nissan Xterra - looks like all the pieces are there...

beer + shipping (this thing is pretty heavy so let me get a shippiong estimate before you send me anything for it...)


Black Diamond Momentum climbing harness - size XL - plus a locking carabiner...this was the backup - never used - basically brand new. $25+Shipping


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Believe it or not, you can find 3 cylinder cars out there. And they sure sound like they're missing that 4th. I forget what model, but they're not really around anymore.

Geo Metro, Pontiac Firefly, Chevrolet Sprint and Suzuki Forsa/Swift had the same 1.0L 3 cylinders engine.

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Has it held up well under use? I have a floor I would like to do that too. Just concerned about chipping and wear. I don't want to end up with a bigger mess than I have now!! Could you please take the ball and hitch and drop them from chest level on the beautiful floor a few times as a test of it's durability?:smashfrea:eplus2::biggthump

Do you just park the car on it , or actually use tools on and around on it?

Curious, thanks!!

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My buddy has one in his shop and it is durable as hell. He's been there about six years and uses it regularly. Still looks brand new. The main thing is to prep the concrete correctly.

Very cool and good to hear. Do you know what brand he used? My guess is they are similar but it helps to have a winning brand from the start.

I have an "Anchor Pot" system for frame straightening on the floor , so chains and heavy metal will be used. :1luvu::eplus2: ;) oh, and almost forgot !! FIRE :flamethro

I have been wanting to do a "Grind" on it to get it super flat and level. Just hated to have it showing rocks in one area and not others, texture will be different in the highs and lows allow. It is high test concrete. "7 sack" if I recall.


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