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OK now that its getting closer to that time I would like to start to get my riding tunes up to date and make my list alittle longer in other words i would like to see what people listen to while riding......

These are some of what i have on my list:

Bedouin Soundclash


Toots and the Maytals



Citizen Cope

Dropkick Murphys

Young Dubliners

Bob Marley

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Darin Talbot. Songs like:

Tahoe Backcountry

Old School Rider

Tweeker Shred Master

Ski Bum

Boarder Girl

References to Sims Switchblade, Barfoot, "ripping it up on my long board," "aching desire to carve my way," "leave work early to get in a couple turns," "hey bro, check out the boarder girl...she's a lift op...and she really rocks my world (Tonja's post-college job?)," "with Sorels supported by duct tape, they grabbed their wintersticks, and barfoots and fade into the mountains...," "burning fatties down the access road," "freshies waiting for me..."

You can buy the CD or get them on iTunes. He has a bunch of other tunes, but those are some of the better ski-related ones. You can catch him often in North Lake Tahoe performing at Squaw Creek on the deck in the afternoons or at some of the Incline casinos in the evening. He doesn't ride hard boots any more, but he knows what they are. Nice guy.

A must-have for anyone's boarding tunes collection. :biggthump

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is a little Slightly Stoopid to that mix or Lee "Scratch" Perry.

Yeah that is missing. I like Slightly Stoopid, thanks for reminding me. I have never heard of "Scratch" I will have to look him up later. Ya know I find so much good music on I-Tunes its crazy....I search for a song and then go to the section "What others Bought" and I could go on for hours listening and buying music.

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Ive got a more "teenage park monkey" soundrack with

Green Day

Flogging Molly

The Fratellis



The Eagles

The Who



Dick Dale

The Fratellis are especially kick-ass, in my personal opinion. Props to Paragon for showing me their CD.

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I'd say that's more of a middle-aged park monkey list... You don't want to hear the crap they're listening to now.

Pow has a good list though. I'd add some zeppelin, maybe some dmb. Then again I'm all over the map when it comes to music.

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is a little Slightly Stoopid to that mix or Lee "Scratch" Perry.

AK, check out Lee "Scratch" on the beastie boys album-Part One Tribe is really good stuff,they're from Cape Cod and I met them at a gas station in Hyannis, on thier way to florida and bermuda for some gigs.George, the drummer saw my surfboard and kite gear and asked me if I wanted to buy thier cd for 5 bucks. good people are everywhere :biggthump


george threw in a few live bootlegs for the sawbuck :cool:

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Jane's Addiction - "Coming down the Mountain" is one of my all time faves

Nine Inch Nails - "I was up above it" - now I'm down in it ( may not be the real name of the song. Great powder song.

Ministry works well for me too.

U2 the Joshua Tree


Pearl Jam - Ten


Jimi Hendrix



Widespread Panic

For mellower days:

John Lee Hooker

Annie Lennox

Everything but the Girl

Paul Kelley and the Messengers

David Gray

the Lemonheads

Govt Mule

Grateful Dead

Widespread Panic

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I don't use tunes during riding, but if I were using, then probably something in 3/4 metric (for metric-challenged: it's waltz :D), as it goes well with riding: edge (change)-push-pull, edge-push-pull, edge-push-pull.

I don't ride so much with tunes but used all the harder stuff before every race to get the aggro edge that I needed to finish something like 3rd from last.

Occasionally I did win if there were only a few guys in my class. :biggthump

A win is a win though right.

Guess I gotta get me one of those iPod things to put all my cds on.

The 3/4 metric thing is waaaaay to technical for me though.


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Man, I haven't ridden while listening to music since the mid-90's with my Walkman...which I still have, somewhere. Every year, I'd make a new "Grateful Shred" tape, as I named them. Lord, Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream", Metallica's "Fight Fire with Fire", and 2 Live Crew's "C'mon Babe" were favorites back then. I used to get some wild looks at the top of the hill when people standing near by could hear the 2 Live Crew lyrics blaring in my headphones. (I'd just grin.) :D I wanted anything with a fast, hard beat to charge me up, drown out the sound of my edges chattering on ice, and rip out fear. Worked great and for a long time, I never rode without it.

Anymore, I'm a Dave Matthews Band junkie. If I'd get an ipod and do it again, I'm sure I'd load "Don't Drink The Water", "Crush", "JTR", "Cornbread", "Watchtower", and "Tripping Billies", at a minimum. Of course, when I listen to DMB, I'm often trying to play my violin along with Boyd, which is ugly, if not just wrong. Come to think of it, I'm a little nervous that if I actually listened to DMB while carving, I might wax my board with rosin and end up wrapped around a tree, skewered with maple and spruce shards, with a bow jammed in my @ss and horsehair flowing out my nose, wailing "Crash Into Me" in a shock induced stupor... :freak3:

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