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Skid (brand) snowboards?


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Kinda unfortunate name for a carving board...

Who knows about these babies?


Apparently custom made in Whistler by a place that has longer tradition then Prior... Killer hi-tech construction from what I've heard. Many exported to Japan.




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I only know of a few rumours

The guy used to live and build on a very small scale in whistler, moved to the ?Kootenays? and apparently still making the odd board and skiis. I yapped with a guy that knew the guy a few years ago, so take with a grain of salt.

I think the only Hi-tec thing he did out of the ordinary was lace kevlar string back and forth between the edges,

that is all I know other than the odd board has been spotted on craigslist.


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Sorry to dredge up an old thread, Just want to add some info.

Carl, the owner of Skid, is living in Golden, and as far as I know, will still build boards/skis for people if they want them.

My 178 all mountain is still going strong after about 8 or so years.


Wow that woody nearly gave me one.

Beauty. Love the shape too. Looks kind of like a girl I used to........well never mind.

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Slider, that shape is great, whats the waist on that, 22cm or so??

Don't remember offhand, board is in storage currently, when I drag it out I will have to measure.

It's a beauty, like a violin!

Pithy for that unfortunate transition from nose to body geometries...

Not sure what you mean by that?

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