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Congrats to Fin for a mention in Skiing Mag


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Just wanted to throw some props out to Fin. I recently received my new Skiing Magazine Buyers Guide issue and while thumbing through the pages looking at all the new gear I came upon Bomber Bishop Tele Binding. The writers/riders had very good things to say about it including the built in bottle opener.

Single speed bikes have had bottle openers for awhile, I guess it's okay for a tele skier to have a few bottles of brew while on the trail??

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I'm curious, do Bomber Tele bindings outsell SB bindings? It wouldn't surprise me. I actually see them on the hill sometimes. The people who have them rave about them. A bit heavy is the only complaint, and from the comparisons in that Skiing article, they don't appear much heavier than current options.

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I've seen a few sets around Banff too. We have a booming number of tele skiers, and I see them every once in a while.

I guess that there is a logarithmic scale applied to every Tele-Skier sighting...see 1 there are 15 that you don't see, see 2 and it's 25 hidden in the back country

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