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Cup Holders

C5 Golfer

Would you like to see cup holders on Shopping Carts?  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see cup holders on Shopping Carts?

    • Yes , I like to see them
    • No -- I do not drink and shop
    • I can not believe I wasted 2 minutes of my life on this!

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A patent? You mean you haven't seen those already? They have them at Safeway in CA. At Costco they'd actually be useful since I often get a dog and a drink ($1.62 w/tax) at lunctime before I wander around the store. I use the kid seat for my drink, but if I bumped that cart into something I could easily spill my drink.

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They should be compulsory in Canada, where on any given weekend everyone in the store has a cup of Tim Horton's in their hand!

Sugguest it, seems like another great thing to legislate ;) . I didn't notice that while I was there. OTOH, I avoided shopping centers like the plauge on weekends.

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but what I find usefull is at my grocery store, they also have a little tray where you can put small things like coupons or lists.

It seems like every time I think of a good idea, it has already been done...

I had this really cool idea for snowboards that you would ride with stiff, hard shell plastic boots at high forward angles where you "carve", but then I found out about hardbooting...


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