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Boot modification advice needed


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Hey all!

I'm counting the days to winter (yeah, a long count to go), but I'm already planing everything.

The thing is, I have this problem with my boots... or my feet to be exact... Anyway, the thing is: I have really wide feet and a really big instep. And I do mean big. My boots are size M28 and my feet are M26. Now, this may seem like i have way too big boots (Deeluxe 325s) but even in them, my feet felt like in a torture chamber. Now I'm quite used to them and it's ok. The only problem is a slight heel lift. I've put some padding under my foot to raise it a little... I must tell you, I can carve in these boots without a problem. I'ts just that the heel lift is somewhat anoying.

I was thinking of puting some rubber under the tongue to put some pressure above my ankle and instep. This should hold my leg down.

When I was buying my boots I didnt do enough research. I'm sorry for that. Now, I would probably go for Stratos Pro or UPZ, but what's done is done. I dont have enough money to buy new ones.

Any thoughts on pimping up my 325's would be greatly appreciated.

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spend the money and go to a bootfitter, he will expand the boots where needed and give you some fitted insoles and other advise. If you have heat moldable liners, he can bake them and make them work also.

The difference will be night and day, and you will wonder why you even endured the pain for a day.

I did see a link a few years ago on how to blow out boots, but If I remember, he said it was risky because you can tear the shell easily if you don't know what you are doing.

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Modifying the shells yourself does seem like awfully risky business. But a pair of thermoflex liners would definately be a good investment. And I believe they are on sale at bomber if I'm not mistaken. Other options would be to go to www.tognar.com and check out their bootfitting area. They have alot of foam fillers for various areas of the foot and ankle, one of which you might just need.

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