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Brit Jam 07 Classic motorcycle show


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xpost from TGR but I know not too many of you go there :)

Last Sunday morning, A friend and I met up in Norwalk CT and rode to Brit Jam 07in East Hampton, CT.

I'll attach some highlights but for all of my pics go to http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w245/tex1230/britiron/?start=0

Ride report...

about 150 miles round trip (I logged 201 today including distance from our start point to my home)

Ton Up...Check

Smiles from cute girls...check

My friend's bike is faster than mine...check

1st mod on my otherwise stock Bonnie...check (8-ball choke pull knob - just installed it)

Getting lost (only for a minute - but an essential part of any ride)...check

It was a great riding day - actually a little cold in the morning, clear skies, light traffic, and no cops

Highlights of the meet:

My favorite bike - Triton



Keanau Reeves's 74 Norton Cafe


Triumph cafe - love the orange ends on the pipes


apparently, this guy got this bike for free - check out the 64 tooth rear sprocket




End of the ride - two tired bonnies


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I heard the Vincent guys ran out of money before they made any bikes. Resurrecting a brand is difficult at best. Here's another resurrected brit brand:


2004 (I think) Royal Enfield - I don't think they survived either.

(edit - they are still in business...)

I saw somewhere that some guys in califoria are going to try to make nortons again as well.

Triumph seems to be the real survivor of the brit brands...although the current rumor is that they are going to be bought out by an Indian company

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Ugh - I saw that Norton and thought man, what squid ruined that bike? Then I saw that it was Keanu's. :eek:

Vincent - I'm glad that RC51 powered thing never made it. The Black Shadow's engine was the trademark of the original. I read about a British company making replica Vincent parts, and that they're about to offer a complete bike kit.

I once had delusions of restoring my father's '66 Bultaco Metralla. Would have looked like this:



Wish I had, would have been fun. 250cc two-stroke. Oh well.

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