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all-mountain carving setup


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I'm going to drop for a new hardboot setup this fall and need some help figuring things out. I spent 50+ days last year riding a stiffer softboot setup and have decided I want to give hardbooting a try. I like riding trees, powder, and hiking for the sweetest snow. I spent most of my time last year on a few-years-old (but never ridden) burton custom 162. Never did this board feel too big, and I rode all over the mountain with ease.

I've decided on (I think) either a donek axxess, or a prior ATV. My problem is that I don't know what size board I should make this transition with. And to complicate things, I'm skinny and tall. Think lanky. 6'2" and 160lbs. My height makes me think a 168/172 would be about right, but I'm worried about my weight not being able to flex a stiffer board. I'm leaning towards the ATV because, from what I've read, it's going to be more suited towards riding in powder than the axxess. The axxess being tuned more as board to ride the groomers, but can survive in the powder.

I'll probably end up with the deeluxx 225's as I don't think I need anything too stiff because of my weight. I would rather support Donek, and the local Colorado scene. Maybe I could get an axxess with bit softer flex to suit my weight, and powder riding.

Any ideas for me?

Thanks for your help,


edit: fixing AWD typo

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If you buy from any of the manufacturers, they can adjust the flex for you. I think Sean includes it in the price, Prior charges a bit for it. Not sure what the waiting list is like at Coiler with Bruce's expanded shop, but it might be worth your while checking into it. I'm very happy with my AM 172, which was built for all-mountain riding in soft conditions (Banff).

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From what you said about your height, weight & riding preferences the Prior ATV might be the best choice, indeed! It is wider and softer than 4WD (there's no board called AWD), so it would ride pow better and flex better for your weight. The 171 has 10.5m scr, so it would still carve similar radius as 4WD 174 or Axxess 172.

I rode Dave*'s stiffened one and totaly loved it on soft groom. I was about 174lbs at the time... I use the 4WD as my regular AM, but I wouldn't mind having the ATV, too.

Oh yes, nose profile on ATV is way better than on other AM boards.

Then, once you feel you can overpower the AM on nice groom, you can get another carve dedicated board, like WCR or Donek Freecarve, and the quiver is born...


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Other boards biased towards pow and tree riding that can carve very good with hard boots are Osin / Dynastar 4807 178, 168 and 3800 169. They are as wide as narrower jib boards, but are directional (very directional), stiffer and have longer radiuses than most of freestyle/freeride boards.

4807 excells in open deep pow, chop and slush. 3800 is my favorite tree board. I can help you with both models ;)

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I rode a Prior 171 ATV most of last season it worked very well in all conditions. It was best at medium speeds for me at a 190 lbs. It worked decent in the powder and in crud. It carved well until I pushed it hard or got into the steeps. I also got a 192cm Rad-Air towards the end of the season and wished I had it sooner, because it rides terrific for all Mtn. It carves better at faster speeds and was better in the POW, It even turned quick when I wanted it to. Maybee it was the length? The rounder tail or whatever?

But coming off a stiff softboot set-up for carving you will be amazed at the differance at laying down some trenches and no more sore ankles from those hard carves in soft boots!

I Also would recomend getting some TD2s Bindings after breaking my plastic-aluminun bindings at the top of Bachelor on a powder day! They will be worth the extra few $ for performance and saftey!

Best of luck! Brett

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