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So I recently picked up a lob wedge and I love the hell out of it, except for one thing. I like the feel, the shape, the bounce and the loft... The thing I don't like is the face of it scuffing the hell out of my balls. It's got a face thats designed to give crappy golfers backspin (might be why I like it so much). It's got a slightly recessed area with little nubbins that stick out. Does anybody have any idea on how to make that stop scuffing balls? Some ideas I've had were to 1.) fill the recess with something like jbweld, 2.) fixture it up and actually machine .030 off of the face (not real fond of this idea), or C.) take some emery cloth and knock down the nubbins.

I'll try to find a picture of it cause it's kinda hard to explain.

Edit: It's says Ripstop 60* lob wedge, but its not the Knight Ripstop 2...

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I'd imagine you could sell the club on ebay...

modifying it is as good as throwing the money away, IMHO. If you modifications are anything less than perfect, you might make problem with the way the ball come off the face...which would be a bigger problem than the scuff.

the other solution would be to use cheap balls...

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I bought a Taylor Made 61 degree lob wedge several years ago and the surface of the club face felt like an emery board. I could get back spin off a surlyn covered ball. Each shot would leave white particles from the ball's surface on the club face. Over time the abrasion surface smoothed off and it acts like a normal club now.

My sand wedge (Cleveland Classic 588) has seen so much use that the grooves are almost non existent. Even with a Pro V1 the best I can get is a check-up but no back spin. I really like the wedge (won a couple of club championships with it) and I'm too cheap to spring for a new one. What's the cost of the getting the grooves re-machined?

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dude, hindsight

here's a link to wedge heads,( http://www.golfsmith.com/cm/browse.php?N=284855) if you like the club it's the shaft you like, get another head and glue it on, simple

or, get a great shaft and head, cheap

no electrons were wasted, just stoned

in this case its the head he likes:lol: I have one just like it. it'll back up like nothing else but its takes the hide right off the ball. I use mine sparingly in emergency type situations only. I suppose if you tee it up with the scuff in the right spot it could effect your drive positively. when I am playing a friendly game I just swap out balls for my scuff ball before hitting it. the club isn't legal so swapping balls really isn't that big a deal ;)

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