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One more rounded tail question


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I've been reading and posting on What are the pros & cons to a rounded tail..., but not to go too OT I started a new thread.

If I got it right, rounded tail helps in uneven terrain...

But I find a small board like Pogo Impact to be the best for non-perfect trails since it has no extra length in tail one has to deal with. And riding it in moguls really feels easier because of no extra weight in tail. Wouldn't you agree with me? :confused:

Or is it just because Impact is extremely short and light?

Maybe it wouldn't be the same with longer boards... I was never thinking of pros and cons of a rounded tail on longer boards.

It's just that I came to conclusion that I really like riding Pogo Impact in uneven terrain.

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Hmmm, depending on the type of the uneven terrain we are talking about.

On crud, chop, small soft moguls, flat to medium pitch, I actually like a long or longish board like Tanker or 4WD, to smooth-out the things for me and blast through smaller obstacles.

Now, on steep + real moguls I prefer a shorter softer board. I think it comes down to the length of the lever acting on my body. In other words, long board sometimes starts riding an obstacle before I'm ready for it. Then, with shorter lever you can muscule the board even when it did something that you haven't quite planed for. Finaly, there's physical limitations of what length can squize in between a given density/height of bumps...


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just get a board with a round tail if the board you want has one or if you're going custom get it as a option

there is no disadvantage really, it does not effect ride too drastically other than when you are switch, want to enter a BX and they are WAY more durable due to not having a single pointy part to delam at

even most skis these days are round in back

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