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Buying Burton Boots


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What size boots should I order if Im buying online and my regular shoesize is 9 1/2 ee(wide)??? I now ride Solomon Malamutes and went to size 10's to compensate for the wide feet and thick calves. I want to get a pair of Burton drivers.the new ones with zone lacing.Would the moldable liners/footbeds squish out enough for me to be able to go to my right size of 9 1/2 or should I go to 10's or 10 1/2? how are Burton boots sized? do they run small or bigger than street shoes? I know L.L. Bean boots run almost a size bigger than street shoes? I want to nail some boots this week if possible before all th edeals are gone.(last years boots but new in box).....Im talking about softies here.........

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hey there, with burton the mondo is right on, the shells come in the shell in the whole size and the next half size down

worded weird so I'll explain if you buy a burton hard boot in a size 285 ou're actually getting a 29 boot where if you bought deeluxe the she is the whole size and the next half size up so if you buy a 285 in raichle you're actually getting a smaller boot than the burton in 28.5

I realize you're looking for softboots but the above is useful information for anyone looking into burton hard boots and it was fresh in my mind so I posted it

onto burton softboots, they are not wide and the design of the liner of the driver x and a couple other models with that same liner is such that they have points on the side that rub on wide feet. Bareble but thats about it

I'd really suggest not going with the next size up and instead compacting the liner with clamps or something

the burton boots run fairly true to the average skate shoe, skate shoes don't tend to vary as much as other types of shoes in my experience that is why I made the comparison

I find the newer burton boots(05 and up) probably run a half size bigger where as the older model softies of theirs ran smaller but this is slight compared to other brands that go a full size in either direction.

from Phils comment I feel like he must have allot of experience in the older liners from burton

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Well, I nailed some Burton Drivers from last season on ebay.I got 10's and its a good thing as they are blunting the toes on Burton boots,i.e. the toe box seems shorter. anyhow they really are rigid though.....really like soft hard boots.I really like them and cant wait to try them out.the speedzone lacing system seems so much easier to slip into in the parking lot in low light conditions than say the Malamute. next thing is which pass to buy?.....I always jinx myself when I buy the full season ride anytime pass.......only a couple months away now........

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