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Found some old pics...


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Of me, so maybe it's not that interesting, but I kinda feel like showing off a bit...

This one looks like I'm doing something alot cooler than what really happened. It was still pretty cool though..


This one just kinda shows how noodly my old board was..


And just for funsies here's a pic from, oh, say 2/3 or 3/4 of the way up...


All pictures here are from Mt. Bohemia of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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Just checked their site...looks like a decent mountain! In Michigan of all places!

probably icy as hell most of the time, no? although your photos show some tolerable conditions!

sweet jacket, man! I still have my big ol' 916 jacket. I wish they made **** like that still.

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Its definately a fun mtn. And given it's location (gets lots of lake-effect) it's actually rarely icy. Sometimes it'll get icy in the trees after all the snow has been scraped away, but there's nothin to bad. For the most part it is bumps however. The only way to avoid the bumps is to get there just as a huge snowstorm is ending, then you'll get some pretty awesome (michigan) powder. But if you're into bumps and trees, this place should be on your list.

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There's a little ice


But then again there's a fair amount of powder...


There's alot of lake around there...


Granted, it's not the champagne powder that you might be able to find out west, but I'll take it.

(These pictures are from the Mt. Bohemia website, so they're a little biased... But still... :D )

Edit again: Sorry, I kinda misread the previous posts. I don't mean to sound like a jackass...

UP stands for Upper Peninsula.

Anyways, enjoy the pics.

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