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Swoard 175M for sale

Guest Doff

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As soon as I get a camera (hopefully tomorrow) I will post the pics.

As I said the bottom scratches are from the pebbles some idiot from the resort maintenance sprayed over the track.

The scratches on the topsheet are not scratches per ce - it is laminate peeking off. Common problem to the swords of the original series.

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On the top - yes. The places where the top sheet (painting? coverup? I dunno - the top layer that does not carry anything but the picture and red layer of paintings) comes in contact with snow (at the front and at the rear) it tends to go off. I was glueing it back myself (never thought I'd be selling it).

On the bottom - no. Those are scratches from pebbles.

Please do not confuse the top sheet with the whole board. The board itself does not delaminate.

Sorry for "the stretch". I wanted to be open about the whole thing up front, and english is not my native language. I just wanted to identify that it did not look as from the shelves.

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So, here is the link to the pics. I tried the best as I could to show problematic areas.

Swoard Pics

Also I'd like mention that :

1. The damage is on the surface, there is only one spot at the front that has been slightly cut by a skiers edge.

2. The base and edges were never repaired, grinded or anything like that (and they are still 90 degrees).

3. Have not ridden the board for the last two years. Moving to Australia, so I do not think I'll be riding it again.

4. The board itself is solid.

I'm seeing it as achieving two things here. Getting rid of some luggage and giving the chance to the crowd here in Canada to check the board. I do not think there are many Swoards around.

Again, to me the best way to actually know how the things are in reality is to come and see the board personally.

I'm not a huge fan of all these "marketing" tricks, thus I'm trying my best to be fair and straightforward. If you see a mishap on my part , please forgive me, it is not on a purpose.


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I am also interested. Do you know the flex stiffness? I believe they were made in three different stiffnesses. If not, how did it work for your weight? Are there issues shipping to the US? And finally, how much is 450 CAD in US dollars?


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