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Stupid poll: which picture is better?


Which photo is better?  

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  1. 1. Which photo is better?

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    • Picture 2

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Yes, I know this is stupid, but it is snowboard related? A friend and I got into an argument over which picture is better (what do you expect when there's no snow?) and, since I'm fairly bored, I decided the internet should decide. Therefore, which picture is better?

EDIT: These are picture of my friend, who is a girl, while I am a guy. Just to make thing clear.





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Better for what? There's more interesting light and contrast in the first one. You can see your eyes in the 2nd one. You look very feminine in the second one (I'm assuming you are a guy and this may not be desirable). There's no sense of the slope in the second one while the first one makes it look reasonably steep.

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...um...the picture is of my friend, who is a girl, so feminine would be a good thing...I think. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned that. For the record, I am a guy (and look like one as well).

As for "better", I guess I'm just asking which one people like more.

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Both can be better. The first one is too dark, especially the background. Due to the dark background the subject is disappearing in the composition, especially her head/helmet.

The second one is has too much light.

So some photoshopping can do a lot here.

By the way, you have a lovely girlfriend. And if i had to choose, I like the second one.

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I like #2.

I had the same set-up (Ride DVAs and Vista) when I first started. Those are still my favorite softie bindings. Too bad they stopped making them....

They still make them:


Um...could I talk anyone with Photoshop skills into taking a minute and making the pictures look a little better?

Original 1

Original 2

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Yeah, Ride still makes something called "DVA." I should have been more clear. The 05/06 model in your photos have fairly rigid highbacks which are hard to find in any bindings (men's or women's) that fit my feet/hooves. The newer models - or last year's at least - have squishy jibber highbacks. Apparently, all the other wee-footed people are in the park.

Thanks for the tip, though!

I may have to break down and finally buy a pair of the "limited edition" on eBay (:eek::eek::eek: + apologies to a friend who rocks these):


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Guest assman
who is the dude in the pics?
Ok, sorry Zoltans friend that is a girl. :biggthump I know you are looking at this. I like pic#1. Pic #2 is too cute. You are a better boarder than that :p .
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Guest shrederjen

I liked the first one because you could see the slope and the lighting was a little better. Next time, say something funny so she smiles.... Looks like you said something about her weight, or somethin similar....

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