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Moving Sale- 2 boards


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Moving, and trying to reduce some redundency.

164 Burton FP- looks to be either a pre-pro or prototype from the top sheet. I picked it up for the bindings, and its in great shape. $100 Fun SL or Freecarve.

162 Hot Shine- Picked it up as NOS (with shop wear) and used it to teach on for a season. Its in good, but not great, shape $80. Great little freecarve or alpine freeride board.

Both prices are without shipping, but figure about $20 each (or possibly total if you buy both) in the US.

The FP can be seen here:http://www.bomberonline.com/VBulletin/showthread.php?t=14253&highlight=164

The Hot here (link to mfg, not actual board):http://www.hammersnowboards.com/products/hotsnowboards/1997_1998.php


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Its easier if the camera isn't packed :smashfrea doh. I'll see if I can track it down.

The Hot is symetrical (Jack approved?), 162, about a 20cm waist with approx a 9.5m sidecut. Its red! Vroom! (I'll try and get picks). One Catek sticker included for FREE!!!!!

TD's are very clean, I'd say A quality shape (except they are missing the toe bail set screws). They even have spring loaded heels. Pics to follow!

Bryan make me an offer I can't refuse! :D

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Like I said, lazy f!uck :D

Updates: Burton FP SOLD

Bomber TD1's SOLD

Hot Shine STILL AVAILABLE. I'm in no real hurry to move it, but can have it delivered in the lower 48 for $115. Other locals, ask for a shipping quote.

I'm in Eugene, OR. Green and happy, though with less in town snow then could be nice. If you pick it up, I'll go $100 even!

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