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Iron River, MI


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Tomorrow I'm headed up to Iron River for a week and I'm really, REALLY jonesin for snowboarding. Is there anybody in that area that has a longboard/favorite spot that might show me some longboarding and let me try it out? I'm not a skateboarder at all and I don't do very well if my feet aren't strapped down, but if somebody gets me into longboarding then that would be just great..

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Ha... Yeah... I want alot of things. Most of all, I want somewhere to ride something like that. There aren't really any good hills around here. It'd probably be a bad idea to get a taste of longboarding and then not be able to do it whenever I want... I'm screwed....

I still want to do it..

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i'm not the greatest on hills. small rocks or stones can be lethal. i once hit a rock going up a hill (i was kicking uphill). i fell on my hip and ended up with hematoma and skipped a day of work. another time i was going down a side walk going maybe 8-5 mph, i hit a rock and landed flat on my side, elbow and hand bleeding.

i prefer pumping the board around my neighborhood, its about a 3-4 mile ride of flat terrain. i don't think you need a hill for off-season conditioning. pumping the board takes practice but when you get the hang of it you can go a long way without ever putting your foot down.

the street nearby is a slight hill. i'll occasionally drag my rear foot entire way. by the time i reach the bottom my front thigh is ready to fail. then i'll switch legs and try the same.

those loaded videos are cool. i wish i had the guts to slide (i don't have the wheels). and those dancing skateboard vids... wish i had a loaded. my board is a wee bit too narrow and long to switch my feet around.

bite the bullet!

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Guest jeffrey1knee

bob is right... hills really aren't necessary - and, longboarding really is a 'whenever you want' kind of deal. In fact, I used to spend all of my time seeking out steeps until I bought a vanguard and now I enjoy the mellow inclines and flats right by my house. And, best of all, it only takes 10-15 minutes to get a good fix until you're really in shape for it.

also, if you're not wanting to spend the 3bills to get a Loaded you should check out Kracked Skulls - this guy is practically giving stuff away with a complete at just over $100. and it looks like quality stuff. I've been considering one myself just to check it out. There are plenty of people on this site and silverfish that have posted positive comments on the KS.

Anyway, sorry, I'm not in Iron River and don't even know where that is.. but just butting my 2cents in. IMO, anybody that snowboards and isn't getting a summer fix with something is really missing out if they are not skating... Get a longboard and you'll be happy you did.

ps. drop a note when you're visiting the twin cities and we'll get you going on a longboard.

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