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Bearings, Wheels and Trucks Review


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Looking for opinions of the above. Reason being I got some bearings for my boy the other night that seem a bit slow compared to what I have on my longboard. They are the Abec 7 Red Chinas with these big Excate Turbos

I am currently on Randall 2 180's, Abec 11gumballs, abec 7 amphetamines and love how it rides.

Or is there one resource out that reviews all longboard equipment.

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nothing wrong with the Fish...just that because of the cyclic nature of longboard market the there are gonna be the "next greatest thing" though in some cases it could be true Paris looks to be eclipsing Randal's as the perfect longboard truck. Wheels....Abec11 and Seismics are the standard wheels these days. For bearings Bones Reds and MiniLogos are good and cheap now that Skyrockets are out of production again

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I found a set of rush ABEC9 rated bearings on ebay that are screaming fast.

Also there is a seller called VXB bearings on ebay that has every bearing known to man for sale very reasonable. Decent ceramics for half price etc. I have several different models that they offer and have been impressed with them all. most of them are 25%- 50% of the cost of buying at the local skateshop

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Bearings - Pleasure Tools (www.edsbearings.com) ...pro racers use 'em and they are half the price of most others...ceramics for under 40 bucks - CERAMICS! Get the Shielded ones if you plan to clean/oil regularly and/or race. Get the Sealed ones for low maintenance.

Lots of good info here too:



-RF :)

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