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Photoshop and Corel


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I see a multitude of products available from both of these.

I am looking to edit some photos, i.e. dropping background from an object in the photo and some graphic design.

Can anyone advise which product of each of these is best for what I am looking to do or "know of a resource"? THey are bit more pricy than I would have expected.



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This 'stripped down" version of Photoshop will probably do what you want. Having perused Bomber for some time, I know there are some computer graphics authorities hereabouts.

If you really want to save money, there's almost certainly an appropriate, open-source (and free!) program at SourceForge.net. I use several PC programs that I've downloaded there. Documentation doesn't usually match that of retail programs, however.

Also check out PC World's annual Web freebie issue. Five'll get you ten they've reviewed and recommended a free photo manipulation program


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is to pick up a prior version of Photoshop on EBay. CS3 is the most recent version of PS; I'd suggest anything from version 5.5 to do the image manipulation and design work you'd like to do. If you're new to PS, you can also pick up training materials on EBay as well--once again at very economical rates for earlier versions.

Plus, you can upgrade from earlier versions (PS7, CS, or CS2) to CS3. The sum of the earlier version plus the upgrade is usually less than the retail price of the software.

<img src="http://i18.tinypic.com/4mbbl7p.jpg" border="0" alt="Garrett Lisi, Beaver Creek, CO.">

Good Luck,


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Photoshop is the industry's standard. You can not go wrong with it when it comes to photo editing, montage, color calibration, etc.

However it is a bit clumsy to do complete design work in a raster based program. For vector graphics and artistic text manipultion nothing comes close to Corel Draw. It also can do some drafting. Also, with purchase of Corel you get full bundle, most important part being the PhotoHouse (PhotoPaint on older versions), which is on par with Photoshop. However the interface is somewhat different so PhotoShop users normaly don't like it.

I always used CorelDraw / Photoshop combo. If you already have Corel, Photoshop is just luxury, but I can afford it.

You won't go wrong with Adobe Illustrator either. It interfaces with PhotoShop automatically, as they come from the same software developer.

I didn't check the prices for very long time, but I think that Corel products are way cheaper that Adobe's...


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